Don’t Try This at Home…

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We’ve been throwing a lot of frisbees in the backyard lately. We thought it would be a good way to help Kipper run off some of his energy. The other night, though, one of Ginger’s throws ended up on the roof of the shed. I wasn’t tall enough to reach it myself, so CPT America suggested I put Ginger up on my shoulders….and then he filmed the resulting “circus act”. Don’t worry – nobody got hurt (thankfully!) – but CPT America got a good laugh out of it and the dogs were mighty entertained.



“Stained Glass” Cosmos

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It’s late August and I’m trying to absorb as much sunlight and warmth as I can in preparation for the coming winter. My strategy has been to spend a bit of time each morning on the back patio amidst the flowers and bees. It’s a lovely place to be right now. The sunflowers have just opened up, the zinnias are in full bloom, and the cosmos daisies are going strong.


I like cosmos almost as much as I like zinnias.

And here’s an nteresting thing about cosmos – they look like stained glass when viewed from below.

I found that out this morning when I chanced to look up from my book.DSCN4116


Isn’t it funny how the mind works? I saw something in nature and it reminded me of something man made. Meanwhile, I’ve never been in a church and said “Wow – that stained glass is the very color of a cosmos daisy.”

I wonder why that is.


From the dining room table, hoping to get even more familiar with the back patio in the coming weeks,

Mrs. Smythe

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The girls and I took a quick trip south into Connecticut before skating lessons this past week. Ginger had outgrown every pair of shoes she owns, and I was hoping to find something for her at the LLBean store.

Ginger did not, however, find anything there she liked. So, we ended up down the street at Anthropologie, looking not at shoes, but at the usual things that captivate our interest there…plates, doorknobs, books, soaps, more books, and coffee mugs.

I wish I’d seen the above books while we were there (Pepper took these photos). Now, I’m filled with curiosity. What does Berlin Street Style look like? I must know.

And lots of red happening at Anthropologie.


Red on the dishes…


Red on the home accents….

I have to be careful with the color red. I can only take so much of it. It’s kind of an aggressive color. My mother used to have a red pant suit. She said she always had the worst days when she wore it. I can imagine. Red is tricky.

Anyway. By the end of the afternoon, we had plenty of photos, but still no shoes – so, we went for ice cream.


Why are my children eating their ice cream so far apart? Because each of us wanted varying degrees of sun. Ginger likes full shade, Piper, partial light, and I’m happiest in full daylight. People probably thought we were strange, taking up three benches the way we did, but it worked.

From the dining room table, with CPT America blissfully happy because college football started tonight,

Mrs. Smythe

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