Tending The Sunflowers

The mammoth sunflowers I planted in May have really taken off! We think the one nearest to the house has hit nine feet. And, while that one seems to be done growing, the other nine continue to ascend. I don’t know if they’ll reach the fabled twelve feet advertised on the seed packet, but they’re coming a lot closer than any sunflowers I’ve ever grown before. It’ll be fun to see where they finally top out.

From the dining room table, enjoying an afternoon rainstorm – a pleasant change from all our heat,

Mrs. Smythe

Two Tasty Pies

Our abundant yellow squash harvest has had me looking for creative ways to use up the bounty. One of my favorite ways has been squash pie. Surprised? So was I. But, it was delicious!

The recipe I used can be found HERE. The only thing I would do differently next time would be to cook the squash a little longer. My squash puree wasn’t completely smooth, and, as a result, the finished pie had a tapioca-esque texture. I didn’t mind this, but the family said they would prefer something less bumpy next time. The taste, though, was very good – a vanilla custard flavor with just a hint of nutmeg. Excellent!

I also made a sour cream-lemon pie over the weekend. We all like lemon pie, but none of us is particularly fond of the meringue that usually goes on top. My mother suggested I try sour cream-lemon instead.

I wish I’d known about this pie sooner. So delicious! And very easy, too. It gave us that lemon fix we were looking for without the bother of the meringue. This is my new favorite lemon pie. If you’d like the recipe I used, you can find it HERE.

From the dining room table, looking forward to one last slice of squash pie this afternoon with my tea,

Mrs. Smythe

Little Napoleon

Who would have thought that little Pearl – the smallest and shyest duck to pop out of the box – would become such a take-charge bird. CPT A calls her Little Napoleon. She shows no fear with the chickens, and yesterday, she charged the cat! Even on Ginger’s lap, she asserts her dominance, claiming the best spot for herself.

It’s not that she’s mean. She isn’t. She just has a very firm idea of her place in the world. And her idea is that she’s at the top.

Our concerns about the ducks integrating with the rest of the backyard flock are quickly evaporating. Pearl will make sure they do just fine.

From the dining room table, inside because it’s too hot to garden,

Mrs. Smythe

A Mystery

CPT A found a tiny skull in the garden this week.

It’s incredibly wee and delicate….really a work of art.

CPT A thinks it once belonged to a mouse…possibly a mouse that fed an owl. I think it was a vole. What do you think?

Getting their feathers

The ducks are in the midst of losing their down. Right now, they’re a patchy combination of soft and sleek as their first feathers begin to emerge.

It’s most noticeable with Lilo. You can see the transition on her chest. She’s going to be a beautiful chocolate color.

Meanwhile, we think Ponyo (left) will be a mottled grey and black, kind of like our turkey.

And little Pearl will be cream and tan with a tan “mask” across her eyes. So far, though, she remains buttery yellow with only a hint of the tan to come.

It’s fun watching the ducks grow their fall wardrobes.

From the dining room table, hoping to do some weed whacking in the back yard today,

Mrs. Smythe