Kipper’s World (and a little about Manny’s too)

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Kipper is a curious dog. He ponders. He wonders. He thinks deep thoughts.

The other evening, he couldn’t figure out what Pepper was doing.


She was sitting at the table. She had what looked to be a plate in front of her. She was holding a fork…or something that looked like a fork. But she never brought the fork to her mouth. Was she eating?

Kipper had to investigate.

“Kipper, I’m painting!” She told him.


But, Kipper needed proof. He licked the canvas just to make sure.


And then he went and stared at the cat door.


Because Kipper is mesmerized by the cat door. Where does it lead? Why are the cats allowed through but not him? (Never mind that Mr. Wa can’t fit through the cat door any more – at least not without a struggle).

We open the door and show Kipper what’s on the other side (the basement stairs), but his curiosity persists.

These are the things that make up Kipper’s world.

Manny, on the other hand, is a simple dog.

(Don’t let the glasses fool you).

Manny likes chipmunks. Manny found a chipmunk (or caught one) today on the back lawn. He cradled it in his paws and licked it until CPT America called him in. And then Manny was tempted to do something he rarely does – disobey CPT America. He was torn. He wanted to keep licking the dead chipmunk, but CPT America had called him in. He would take five steps toward the door, pause, and then look back longingly at the dead chipmunk.

CPT America grew suspicious. He went to investigate. He took the dead chipmunk away from Manny and threw it into the forest. Manny was very disappointed.

And now, nobody will kiss Manny.


Manny’s is a very simple world.

From the dining room table, with Ginger across from me at work on her novel (It’s called Allium),

Mrs. Smythe

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Ginger’s Lens – the Table Series

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Ginger’s been taking more photos lately. And her subject of choice?

Table settings.

Exciting, no?

Well – no. Not really. Not when you say it like that. But Ginger somehow manages to make ordinary, everyday objects – like salt and pepper shakers – intriguing. At least I think so.

It has something to do with her use of perspective. She shoots her pictures from unexpected angles, and it makes you look at things differently.

Here, I’ll show you what I mean.


That’s Pepper – caught between the salt and pepper shakers – eating a piece of apple pie.

And here are some more of Ginger’s dinner table shots:IMG_1426




Now, I promise that we do eat at home, too – not just at restaurants. But those meals tend not to be photographed – I think mainly because restaurant meals entail waiting, and waiting breeds boredom, and boredom promotes creativity – which, in Ginger’s case, leads to photography.

So, think of that the next time you’re stuck waiting somewhere. Pull out your phone and look for something to photograph. You just might be surprised at the results.

From the dining room table, wondering why didn’t ever think to photograph salt and pepper shakers,

Mrs. Smythe


More Signs of Fall…

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There are many ways (besides the ever present pumpkin) to tell that Fall is on its way. I’ve been keeping a mental list this week, and here’s what I’ve come up with:

1. In the shops, patio furniture is now on clearance and boots have replaced sandals.


2. The donuts have changed their sprinkles.


3. Pepper has pulled out her “furs” and begun wearing them.


(They’re faux, of course!)

3. The butterfly bushes are in full bloom…


And attracting visitors.


4. The dogs are letting me sleep in. (This is due, of course, to the sun coming up later – not to any kindness on their part.)

5. I’m wearing socks again.

6. CPT America announced he will be removing the air conditioning units from the windows.

And, finally…

7. I have the urge to knit.


This doesn’t happen much in summer. Who wants something large and wooly on their lap when it’s ninety degrees? But right now, I’m at work on what I hope will become a nice, sturdy winter sweater; something that will see me through the frosty months ahead But let’s not think of those. Let’s think of Fall. At least for a little while longer.

From the dining room table, wearing socks and a sweatshirt because…well, it’s almost Fall,

Mrs. Smythe

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