Chickens, Baking, and a Bit Too Much Knitting

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Things have been a bit more relaxed around here of late. The other day, I caught Ginger with the chickens in our mud room. Chickens in the house!

Actually, I read somewhere that some colonists did keep chickens in their homes. And, as fun as the sounds, it would be messy. Thankfully, Ginger shooed the chickens back outside before they did anything that would require cleaning.

How are you spending your days? I’ve been knitting – too much. A little in the morning…a bit more in the afternoon…a lot at night…and the next thing you know, I wake up with my shoulder feeling wonky. It’s time I scale back the knitting and find some other things to do. But, first, I’ll show you what I was working on this week.

I started another sweater with the notorious green yarn.

You may remember this yarn from a post in December. I’ve tried two other patterns with this yarn. No good. Hopefully, this third time will be the charm.

And, the colorful afghan continues. I’m nearing the end. 32/42 squares done.

Have you, like me, been spending more time cooking? I’m finally finding time to try out some of the recipes I’d clipped “for later”. Also – I’m revisiting some of our old favorites. Here you see Creamy Cheddar-Potato Soup with Bacon – absolutely the best potato soup I’ve ever eaten. Try it! You’ll love it.

And, here’s something Pepper made the other day – chocolate chip cookies. I love these. They didn’t last long.

So, our weather is gradually warming, though we had another snow storm this past week that slowed things down a bit. Here you see the forsythia, just on the verge of blooming.

And, the daffodils are poised to open…just as soon as the snow melts.

The pond has thawed, and we have a fresh crop of goldfish…descendants of the three we popped into the water years and years ago.

And, when the sun does shine, the chickens and turkey have been busy dust bathing in a particularly sunny spot on the north side of the yard.

I like to visit the same spot in the afternoons to do a bit of reading in the sun. It’s hard to read unmolested, though. The chickens come over expecting to be fed. They’re so nosy! The pull at my shoes and nip my pant legs. Maybe this is what comes of Ginger letting them in the house.

Don’t let your chickens in the house. It gives them ideas.

From the dining room table, thinking perhaps I’ll make some bean soup today,

Mrs. Smythe

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Sugar Gliders and Other Ways We’re Passing the Time

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First off – I hope you are well and in possession of toilet paper. Has your life changed as drastically as ours has?

Here in Massachusetts, we’re doing our best to self-quarantine, dashing out for groceries about once a week and otherwise staying home. Pepper is on spring break, soon to start online versions of her classes. Ginger continues to plug away at home school. Her sewing and dance classes have been cancelled until further notice. CPT A’s office is functioning at limited staffing, so he’s been home too. Which is not a bad thing, of course. We always like having him around. Besides, home has been a lively and interesting place of late.

For one thing, we’ve had visitors – a pair of sugar gliders we watched while their owners were visiting family in another state. Their care fell largely to Ginger, but we all enjoyed interacting with them.

They’re very amusing little creatures. Lively at night, docile by day. Occasionally, we’d hear one “bark” in the wee hours. They’re about the size of chipmunks and very soft.

When it was time for them to leave, Ginger packed them up in their little carrying case and CPT A drove them and their cage home.

It was a nice diversion for all of us.

Despite a recent snow storm…

…things are heading toward spring.

Lilacs are budding.

And the bulbs are starting to come up.

These are my giant allium…not so giant, yet.

Nearby yards have crocuses blooming in the warmer spots. It’s a welcome sight.

The other day, I squatted down to get a shot of some emerging daffodils and my camera flipped its view and I got this photo instead:

“So, this is what the flowers see,” I thought. I’m starting to save these “surprise” photos. Sometimes I like them better than the more posed and contrived ones I take.

Inside the house, the geraniums continue to bloom.

It’ll be time to put them back outside, soon.

And, with everyone home, the pets have received an enormous amount of attention this week. CPT A was even able to groom all of them. Here you see Mr. Wa getting a good brushing (note the gloves – Mr. Wa does not like to be brushed!). Ginger had to stand by with cat treats to try and distract Wa while CPT A worked. The grooming session did not last long, and Mr. Wa sulked and hissed at the dogs for the rest of the afternoon.

Mr. Wa – like many people – tends to take his irritation out on those around him.

From the dining room table, getting ready to watch a movie (Rawhide) and drink some tea,

Mrs. Smythe

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Seeking Color

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There’s always a sort of color “drought” between the months of January and March, and I find myself strongly drawn to anything bright and cheery during this part of the year. Do you feel this way, too? Here are some of the things that have been helping me recently as I wait for the flowers and leaves return.

Ginger’s crafting:

Ginger’s crochet projects are always colorful and cheery, but her latest – a spring-heralding pony – tops them all. It actually evolved from a problem she was having with a pattern she’d bought. She wasn’t able to figure out the mane portion, so she went in a completely different direction and adorned the horse with flowers and vines instead.

What a happy accident!

In my own crafting, I’ve continued to work on my vibrant knitted afghan in the mornings while CPT A reads the news to me. I’d say at this point, I’m about halfway done. Shadow approves.

The girls celebrated Victor Hugo’s birthday in February by baking a French flag-inspired cake. This was the fitting conclusion to our family’s Les Mis marathon. In the span of about four weeks, we watched four versions of the film along with two anniversary concerts. Now, when conversation lags, we just debate which Javert we prefer. I’m partial to Geoffrey Rush’s version.

Thankfully, the weather has been mild lately, and, though the landscape is bleak, I’ve been able to sit out in the sun with my feet in the grass on several occasions.

And, we’ve been able to work in the yard a bit, too, which is good because we lost another portion of one of our pine trees last month.

CPT A grabbed the chainsaw and went to work as soon as we spotted the damage. Thankfully, he managed to fell the limb without taking out a lilac bush that lay in its the path.

The playscape did get a bit crunched, though. But, as the children have long since abandoned it, we weren’t too concerned

The chickens and turkey came over once the chainsaw stopped. They were looking for bugs, and seemed to approve the change to the landscape.

After a bit of tree sleuthing, CPT A concluded woodpecker holes in the tree had let moisture in. That moisture then froze on the inside of the trunk and eventually compromised the tree.

Now, we have the task of cleaning up and disposing of the wood. We’ve taken care of most of the branches at this point, but the trunk is pretty thick and will take some doing.

In the meantime, I’ve been studying the insect tracks on some of the wood I’ve found. Doesn’t it look like ancient writing? Maybe the bugs are trying to send us messages.

From the dining room table, sincerely hoping there aren’t any more pine trees planning to topple this season,

Mrs. Smythe

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Dogs and Chickens…and a few other things

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The days must be getting longer because more of our birds are laying now, including the turkey! Suddenly, we find ourselves with a surplus of eggs again.

In other poultry news, we attended the Northeastern Poultry Congress in January. This is one of our favorite events – the number and variety of birds is amazing. Here you see Pepper enjoying the ducks.

And, this gives you an idea of the number of chickens we saw. This was only a small corner of the expo building. Row after row of cages with glossy birds of all shapes and sizes. It was a lot of fun to see.

Just weeks later, in the same place, the Great Barrington Kennel Club held its dog show. I’ve never seen so many golden retrievers in one place – they seemed to be the most represented of the breeds. Also – the dog owners were so serious! It was fascinating to walk around and watch all of the grooming taking place. So many incredibly clean dogs!

I went home afterward and brushed our own dogs for a good thirty minutes. I’ve decided I haven’t been doing a very good job with their grooming. I ended up with a massive basket of fluff – and I still could have gotten more if I’d kept at it. Since then, I’ve tried to do a little bit of grooming each afternoon. I don’t think our dogs will ever be to show standards, but it has been an improvement.

Crafting continues with scarves being my project of choice lately. Here you see a cowl I finished last week. The yarn is the “flamingo” colorway of Lionbrand’s Stitchbird line.

Another recent completion – this “Seed and Garter Stitch Scarf”, made with Cupcake yarn in “apple picking”. This was a wonderfully easy knit and the scarf isn’t overly bulky, which I like.

In other news, January brought very high winds, and we lost a significant portion of one of our large backyard pine trees. Ian was out in the cold this afternoon, hacking away at it with his chainsaw while I raked up debris. This is the fifth tree we’ve lost since moving to our house, so we’re getting to be old hands at clearing away fallen limbs.

Thankfully, only a small portion of the back fence was damaged.

We’ve also had ice, and though I don’t enjoy what it does to the roads, I do like what it does to the garden.

Since I last wrote, we’ve lost nearly all of our snow, but not before it revealed a network of vole trails that had been carved beneath the drifts.

It’s amazing what goes on just under our noses in the winter.

Now, as we head into February, I find myself very much looking forward to spring. Are you? It will be nice not to have to bundle up quite so much on the afternoon dog walks.

From the dining room table, getting ready to take a nice, hot bath to chase away the chill,

Mrs. Smythe

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December Recap

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Hello! And welcome back after what I hope was a lovely holiday season.

We had a very nice Christmas. This year, we splurged on an artificial tree. Here’s Pepper at Home Depot, assessing the selection.

I was set on getting one of the cheaper models, but then this tree caught our eye, and when CPT A (via text) gave it his vote as well, we went ahead and made the plunge.

I’m so glad we did. It’s my favorite tree to date. The glittery “snow” makes it very pretty – even in the sunlight. And, it was nice not having to water a tree or vacuum up needles. Also, I didn’t have to be concerned about the tree drying up in the sun. The biggest challenge was getting it back into the box…and, we never did get the entire thing to fit. So, now we’ll need to get some sort of a storage bag. But, overall, I’m very glad we made the purchase.

The past few weeks brought a couple of fun travel opportunities for our family. Pepper went to New York with her drama club in December to see Phantom of the Opera.

She had such a great time, she asked to go back a few weeks later for her birthday. This time, Ginger and I tagged along.

We took a bus into the city and had enough time for a bit of shopping and a matinee performance of Aladdin.

It was wonderful! Unlike the girls, I’m not a huge fan of music theater, but even I was amazed by the costumes, the sets, and the special effects – not to mention the singing and dancing.

Now, let’s see, what has been going on around the house….

More eggs!

Now, two of our hens are laying – surprising, considering the lower levels of daylight, but very welcome, I assure you.

And, the geraniums we brought in at the end of summer continue to bloom.

It’s always nice to have something flowering in winter.

Toward the beginning of December, we had lots of snow and ice. All of the shoveling I did gave me plenty of opportunities to try out one of my recent knitting projects – a “dickey.” Are you old enough to remember when these were sold in stores?

You wouldn’t think it would deliver much warmth – but it does! And, it’s wonderfully convenient, because, unlike a scarf, there aren’t any ends dangling and getting in the way. On extra cold days, I wear it around the house – especially if I’m wearing my hair up. It keeps the back of my neck from getting cold.

Other snow gear I finished in December – these mittens for Ginger.

I did not have as much luck with a sweater vest I was attempting to finish in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Here you see it at its start…

And now it is all unraveled and sitting in a pile in the closet. I tried several different patterns with the yarn and nothing seemed to work the way I wanted it to. I do like the yarn, though, so maybe I’ll use it for something simpler…perhaps a scarf.

As a sort of palate cleanser, I’m currently knitting a selection of colorful yarns from Lion Brand’s Ferris Wheel line into an afghan.

Here are the first two squares:

I’m basing my afghan on the Noro “To The Point” blanket. The yarn I’m using is a little thinner than what the pattern calls for, though, so I’m having to improvise. I think my afghan will have 42 squares.

So, that brings you up to date. I hope your New Year is off to a great start, and that you’re settling into cozy, relaxing days after all of the holiday fuss. I plan to drink lots of tea and do lots of knitting and reading in the coming weeks. I hope you have similarly pleasant plans. From the dining room table, getting ready to knit yet another afghan square,

Mrs. Smythe

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