The Poinsettias


Last night, we picked out our Christmas tree. We went to Randall’s, a nursery down the road from us – and one that we normally only visit during the warmer months. I always forget that they have more than just garden supplies. There’s a little grocery store, a cafe, an ice cream stand (during the summer), a florist, and an indoor plant center.¬†Usually when I’m there, it’s Mother’s Day, and I’m picking out a new rose bush.

There were no roses out last night, though. It was bitterly cold. Much too cold for how I’d dressed. Pepper, similarly clad, agreed with me. We stood in the tree lot for all of five minutes before deciding to leave the tree selection to Ginger and CPT America.

In the meantime, Pepper and I browsed the plant center which, during warmer months, houses things like ferns and polka dot plants and hibiscus.

Last night, though, the entire place belonged to poinsettias.


My goodness, they had a lot of them!

And in so many colors!

White ones….


Pink ones…


And speckled ones…


And that only covers the ones that weren’t coated in glitter.

The glittery ones were Pepper’s favorites.


It was amazing. I’ve never seen so many poinsettias together at one time. And, I had no idea they came in so many colors.

By the time Pepper and I finished looking, Ginger and CPT America had selected a tree – a nice, full Balsam. The young man at the stand trimmed the trunk for us and helped tie it to the top of the car.

Pepper took a final “selfie,” and we were off…


Or, we would have been if we hadn’t wandered into the grocery section for some post-tree-decorating treats. Of course, none of us could agree on what to get, so we got a little of everything…lemon bars, mince pie, chocolate dipped marshmallows, and almond biscotti. I’ll let you try and match the correct Smythe to the corresponding treat.

From the dining room table, thinking that maybe I need to bump up the heat a notch,

Mrs. Smythe

5 Comments on “The Poinsettias

  1. I have never seen such an array of colors ever! The turquoise and gold were spectacular. I’m sure you had a wonderful evening amidst all that beauty!

  2. Haha, that girl is going to need her own Facebook account soon, to post all her selfies. It is all the rage with the young ones on fb.

  3. Sounds delightful! Although, I’m not sure how I feel about the oddly colored, glittery poinsettias . . . not that it matters, mind you, but there it is.

    • The glittery ones aren’t very traditional – that’s for sure!