Cookie Time!

I dusted off the old scrapbook this evening to show the girls that I was, indeed, once  a Girl Scout.IMG_7783

There I am, pigtails and all.

Since I was only eight at the time, I was technically a Brownie, but I did sell 49 boxes of cookies, and I still have the “certificate of merit” to prove it.


Here is a very blurry newspaper photo showing me with two troop-mates. We are tidying the garden at St. Nicholas Episcopal Church, and I look rather sullen, don’t I. (I’m at far left). This amused my children to no end, because I am such a champion of hard work now. It cheered them to see that I haven’t always been so ready to roll up my sleeves and pitch in. Now they have proof I once felt just like they do about chores.

The news clipping accompanying the photo states that “After a family pancake breakfast…troop members enjoyed an overnight stay in the parish hall….The following week was spent delivering Girl Scout cookies and tidying up the garden at the church.”

I remember very little of this. Certainly not the breakfast or the sleepover. But I do remember the photo being taken, and I do remember going door to door with my little order form, selling cookies.

I loved that order form. I was a geeky little kid when it came to forms and organization and stationary anyway – the sort of kid who catalogued my own books and played library. Or secretary. So, to have an order form all my own was heavenly. And then, to have it be a colorful order form – one where each cookie had its own color-coded column….Well, that was bliss.

Imagine my excitement, when Pepper brought home her order form and it looked almost exactly the same as the one I remember using!

There aren’t a lot of things that have remain unchanged from my childhood to hers. She laughs at rotary phones and phonograph records and has never even used a card catalogue at a library…but now we’ve both used the same Girl Scout cookie order form, and I think that’s kind of neat.


(Isn’t it beautiful?)

From the dining room table, trying to justify the ordering of an entire case of Samoas,

Mrs. Smythe

12 Comments on “Cookie Time!

  1. I was a Brownie through Senior Scout (before Pixies and Ambassadors), all 12 years K-12, and plenty of cookie mongering in those days. 🙂 At seven was when I learned to tie a single Windsor knot in my neck tie for my Brownie uniform. Tie it right or bear the brunt of my Leader’s scowly eyes. It was one of the most useful skills I ever got from Girl Scouts lol. I also loved the rainbow colors of the cookie form, totally get that.

    • Isn’t it funny which skills end up being the really valuable ones? It always surprises me.

    • I bet you do! CPT America was doing the math the other night, trying to see if he could justify it. He has a definite weakness for those cookies.

  2. A case of Samoas is completely justified because you need some kind of cookie to eat when you drink tea.

  3. I was a “pixie” leader for a bit. Pixies are the youngest girls in the Girl Scout Organization, kindergarten age, I believe. Loved the troop activities and merit badges. Hated the paperwork. Ha!

  4. We don’t have order forms!!! And, we only sell two kinds of cookies in the spring and one in the fall. I feel ripped off:(
    Good luck with the cookie selling: I only ordered two cases for my daughter to sell because I really don’t want any left overs. An order form would really make much more sense.

  5. I bought mine today. Wish you were closer so I could support Pepper!