Two Surprises

When I got home yesterday (on May Day) I had two surprises waiting for me.

The first was lovely:


A beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered by someone very kind and thoughtful.

The second…

Well, I barely had time to set the flowers down on the dining room table before I noticed shreds of orange plastic littering the floor. It was what remained of an orange highlight pen. A highlight pen someone had left out on the table.

Someone else had jumped up on that table while we were gone, had made off with that highlighter, and had chewed it to ribbons.

We suspected Kipper.


He was rather difficult to catch, knowing full well he was on the “naughty list.”

When we finally caught up to him, our suspicions were confirmed. His paws gave him away.


And, if his paws hadn’t given him away, his tongue certainly would have.


It was bright orange.

Thankfully, the highlight pen was “non-toxic”. The little guy didn’t even get sick.

Our living room floor, however, will need some help. Rubbing alcohol has pulled up some of the ink, but we still have several orange-y patches. If anyone has any tips for removing the remaining ink, I’d love to hear them.

From the dining room table, certain that my first May Day surprise was the nicer of the two,

Mrs. Smythe

4 Comments on “Two Surprises

    • Yes – and they keep us laughing and they force us to go outside and exercise, so they’re contributing to our health – which is what I tell myself every time I pass those bright orange stains on the floor.