Mornings on the Back Patio

One of the perks to being the first one up in the mornings is that I get a bit of quiet time to myself on the back patio. The sun comes up, the pond gurgles pleasantly, and the dogs entertain me. It makes for a great start to the day.

One of my favorite things to watch is Manny running circles around the yard. Kipper likes to watch him too.


You never know when Manny’s going to take off, though. Sometimes he sees a bird. Sometimes he sees a rabbit.

And sometimes – he just goes.DSCN3597

Here he comes – back around – ears a’ flying.

When he runs, he sounds like a horse.  DSCN3599

Later, the neighbors let their dogs out, and Kipper, Manny, and Ursa all go to investigate. DSCN3600

It’s always the same dogs coming out of the same house…but the dogs insist on seeing it for themselves. Every time.

And then Manny returns and sits by me, looking placid. He loves being outside. DSCN3601

Kipper on the other hand…DSCN3603

No, I’m just kidding. Kipper loves being outside too. But, here he’s just heard CPT America making coffee in the kitchen. DSCN3604

And Kipper loves CPT America even more than he loves being outside…and even more than he loves me. (Sniff). DSCN3605

I try not to feel slighted.

On a side note, we have another frog in the pond now – a teeny tiny one.


Isn’t he cute?

From the dining room table, having just eaten a frozen pizza (heated) because the rest of the family is at ice skating lessons, and I didn’t want to cook for myself,

Mrs. Smythe

4 Comments on “Mornings on the Back Patio

  1. Manny used to do that here, too. It’s good to know some things never change. He looks so happy! Thank you for giving him a great home and life! Not to hurt you but I still miss him. 🙁

    • I’m glad he looks happy. We really think he is – but it’s nice to hear someone else say he looks that way. I’m glad he has a chance to run since he obviously enjoys it. And, I can understand you missing him – he’s such a sweet dog.

  2. Every time Mollie goes out, she runs for the fence to say hello to your three, whether they are out or not. Of course the littles follow Mollie, so you probably hear a chorus of greetings.

    • It’s fun to think of them greeting each other like that. The littles are so funny – they’re so brave…or if they’re not, they put up a good show.