Color Theory


The other evening Ginger decided to “invent” a new color.

“Do you think I can do it, Mommy?” She asked me.

And, because I wasn’t really thinking (and because I’ve been reading enough science lately to be dangerous, but not enough to really know anything), I answered,

“No, honey. I don’t think anyone can really ‘invent’ a color. They already exist. You could maybe ‘discover’ one, though.”

Ginger scowled at me.

“Adults just don’t understand,” she said, and then went right on “inventing”.


A few minutes later, she asked CPT America.

“Do you think I can invent a color, Daddy?”

And, learning from my mistake, CPT America said, (rather grandly, I thought),

“Absolutely, honey. And when you do, we’ll paint the outside of the house with it.”

So, there you go. If you’re out driving, and you happen to see a house painted in a color you’ve never seen before, you’ll know it’s ours.


In the meantime, I have resolved not to stomp on any more of my children’s dreams.

From the dining room table, wondering why nobody warns you these sorts of questions are coming,

Mrs. Smythe

P.S. As it turns out, Ginger’s question has been asked before. There’s a very academic-sounding discussion about the topic HERE.


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