Borage and other Surprises

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Now that I’m running around in the backyard, trying to tire Kipper out, I’m spotting all sorts of botanical “surprises” I’d missed before. Like borage.


It’s everywhere! Popping up next to shrubs, in the wildflower garden, in the containers on my patio….

Not that that’s a bad thing. Borage is fabulous for bees and a great companion plant for tomatoes and other veggies, but it was just so unexpected.

Not far from the borage is a lone sunflower – almost ready to open.


Most sunflowers don’t make it past the seedling stage in our yard. The chipmunks go after them. But, somehow, this one escaped. Now, it’s too big for the chipmunks to take out unless they climb it – which they may do once it starts producing seeds.

Wrapped around the sunflower is a cucumber plant.


It’s one of many. I threw cucumbers into the compost pile last season and they’ve reappeared in plant form everywhere I enriched the soil. I even have cucumbers growing in the front flower beds!

Just beyond the sunflower, is Pepper’s pumpkin patch, where her Long Pie Pumpkins – four total – are beginning to turn orange.

Have you ever seen a pumpkin that shape? I hadn’t before this year. I thought all the stories of people harvesting and stacking them like cord wood was bit of an exaggeration. But now I see it could be done. They really are…long pie pumpkins.

Next to the pumpkins, the mint is in bloom.DSCN4061

And, beside the mint, we have a volunteer butterfly bush. DSCN4064

I don’t know where this came from, but it’s lovely. All my other butterfly bushes are purple, and it’s nice to have something white. It’s very eye-catching against the green of the forest.

And finally, just a stone’s throw away from the butterfly bush is the raspberry bush –  just now coming into its own.DSCN4068

When Ginger and I play frisbee, I grab a few berries every time the frisbee lands near this bush. It adds a nice element to the game and keeps me from running inside to get a snack.

I should probably thank Kipper for forcing me off the patio and out into the yard. Think of all I was missing! I definitely would have missed those raspberries.

From the dining room table, wondering what I’m going to do with all those cucumbers,

Mrs. Smythe

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  • TeaLady says:

    I like the beautiful blue borage flowers. Quite striking…..

  • IrishMum says:

    I would play frisbee more often if I could eat those berries during the game 😉

  • Amy says:

    Oh, I do love a good surprise in the flower garden!

    And a Borage? I’ve never met such a fellow. So, naturally, I had to look him up–intriguing! I love that Sir Borage is considered a ‘protector’ . . .

    • mrssmythe says:

      Protector! I hadn’t heard anything about that. Just “companion”. I’ll have to look that up! It does sound like a character name, doesn’t it…Sir Borage. Maybe I’ll have to put that into Pepper’s plot generator! 😉

  • Grandma M says:

    Wow your garden/yard has so much variety. Whether intentional or
    natural, it is really fascinating. I’m enjoying it with you.
    Thanks for all the pictures. I’m also enjoying blackberries which are
    pretty ripe right now, so when I walk by, like you, I grab a few to

    • mrssmythe says:

      We definitely have variety. I’ve learned a lot over the last few years just looking up the things that pop up around the yard. Glad you’re enjoying the pictures.

    • mrssmythe says:

      We definitely have variety. I’ve learned a lot over the last few years just looking up the things that pop up around the yard. Glad you’re enjoying the pictures.

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