Mid-Week Yardwork


Today was a fine day for doing yard work. I had just enough time to get the lawn mowed, the hoses stowed, and half of the back shed cleaned out.

I was lazy last year and didn’t tidy the shed before winter hit. I left tarps in messy balls and everything else in disarray, and the mice had a field day. They set up an entire town in that shed. They chewed through lawn bags and the untidy tarps and sacks of charcoal and a volleyball net. They left piles of seeds and fluff and droppings in all of the corners. I was pretty disgusting.

So, in hopes of avoiding all of that this time around, I tidied up. I pulled the nasty tarps out, shook them, and folded them neatly. The dogs helped, racing around, sniffing the tarps. Kipper thought the tarps had a nice mousy smell. It made me think of John Joiner in Beatrix Potter’s The Tale of Samuel Whiskers.


And, speaking of the dogs, this is how I caught them today. They love the cooler weather and really enjoy watching all of the squirrels and chipmunks getting ready for the coming winter.

Elsewhere in the yard, there are babies.

Coleus babies.


These come from the Coleus plants I have in my front whiskey barrel.

I didn’t realize they would self-sow.


But, I’m glad they have. Coleus (Coleii?) are among my favorite shade plants. I love their brightly colored leaves. And, having a whole bed of them flanking the front walk would be very nice, indeed. We’ll see what transpires.

And, finally, the maple in the side yard is beginning to turn. It’s always one of the first trees to change each year. Now I know Fall is well and truly here.

From the dining room table, getting ready to make a second cup of tea (it’s a two cup night),

Mrs. Smythe

2 Comments on “Mid-Week Yardwork

  1. The coleus are very beautiful and such a variety! The plants in my garden that have self-seeded are always very healthy and large!

    • I find that to be true as well. Some of my hardiest plants are the “volunteers”.