First Signs of Spring

Never mind that Spring officially began a month ago. We’re only now beginning to see our first glimmers of green…or, purple, as in the case of the bleeding heart outside my front door. I noticed it coming back to life the other day.


I think it looks like a sea anemone.

The bleeding heart’s appearance made me curious to see if other things were popping up, and, of course, they were. You just had to dig a bit in the leaves to find them.

The sedum have a good head start on everything else. They’re very far along.


Though, the catmint is close behind.


Elsewhere in the neighborhood, I’ve seen daffodils, forsythia, and two magnolia trees, all in bloom. Spring is really and truly here.

From the dining room table, with my list of gardening chores growing daily,

Mrs. Smythe

2 Comments on “First Signs of Spring

  1. I love walking the yard every day to see what is coming up or starting to bloom!

    • I was noticing your daffodils today. They’re lovely! And things seem to popping up so quickly after our slow start to the season. That’s encouraging.