The 3rd Annual Festival of Flowers

CPT America and I had such a good time last night. We attended the 3rd Annual Festival of Flowers Culture and Cocktails night at the Springfield Museums. Area florists and garden club members were invited to respond, in floral form, to artwork and exhibits in all four of the Springfield museums. The results are a joy to see, and will be on display through Saturday.

Our favorite, of course, was The Gilded Lily’s response to La Poule by Picaso. (You may remember from a previous post that La Poule is CPT America’s all-time favorite painting).


Isn’t that colorful and fun? Marianne LeMay and Andrea Poirier created it with the help of Marianne’s husband, Tom. Tom built the base and frame, and also served as one of the evening’s strolling models along with his lovely granddaughter, Alissa. Here they are with Marianne in the D’Amour Museum of Fine Arts at the evening’s start.


Almost every gallery had something to see.


This topiary response to Rafraichissements by Jamie Risley-Hall of the Springfield Garden Club incorporated feathers.


And, I thought these flowers looked particularly lovely in their setting. They were designed by Pat Parker, of Pat Parker & Sons Florist, in response to Madonna and Child.


Across the quad, the Classical Cast Gallery in the Smith museum was lively with people. There were lots of strolling models on hand.


I asked this one if her if her skirt was heavy. She said, “a bit”.

I really liked this response to the Outer Coffin of Padihershef.


Vicki Kiss and Alana Hoffman of the Springfield Garden Club put it together.

And, I loved the colors used by Rebecca Fitzgerald, of Forget me not Florist, in response to the Iznik Bowls in the Art of the Islamic World gallery. Lovely.


Even the Science Museum had flowers, though the crowd wasn’t as large there as elsewhere. It was fun to see how the artists responded to the taxidermy. Here are two photos showing an interpretation of the animals in the RE Phelon African Hall.


Kim Dufrane, of Flowers by Webster, put this together.


I love it!

And, I thought Theodore Metayer, Jr., of Heavenly Inspirations Flowers & Gifts, did a great job interpreting the Totem Poll in the Native American Hall.


Our last stop of the evening was the Wood Museum where the design team at Flowers, Flowers! had put together this wonderful response to the Gee Bee R-1 that hangs in the SIS Hall.


There is so much imagination and creativity on display right now in the Springfield Museums. If flowers are your thing – or even if they aren’t – you really should duck in for a bit to have a look around.

Besides, given our current weather, these may be the only flowers you see for quite some time.

From the dining room table, still chuckling over that chicken,

Mrs. Smythe

8 Comments on “The 3rd Annual Festival of Flowers

    • The Springfield Museums do a wonderful job of keeping things fresh and interesting.

  1. Nice post Mrs. Smythe. Also a member, as well as local resident, it’s great to see folks availing themselves of the Museums at The Quadrangle. I’m thinking however, the museum officials may want to consider rebranding their Thursday soirees. “Culture and Cocktails” may be a catchy phrase but I think it lends itself to a misleading perception. These are wonderful cultural, social events, where alcoholic libations happen to be available. Based on my observations, albeit unscientific, I’m willing to bet far less than a quarter of the folks in attendance for “Festival of Flowers” were actually drinking. Just wondering why “Cocktails” share 50% of the billing, and if they wouldn’t attract more patrons, if they relabeled these monthly events?

    • Maybe they could call it “Beauty and Beverages” 🙂

    • It was so much fun, I took the girls back the next day so they could have a look, too. 🙂

  2. I am constantly amazed at the things your museum complex provides, whether serious study or fanciful flowery evenings. They are to be
    congratulated. It looks wonderful everywhere.

    • They do such a good job planning activities and entertainment. We get so much enjoyment out of our membership.