The First Flower of Spring

Spotted on our walk yesterday:


I was thrilled.

Meanwhile, Pepper’s been getting creative with her¬†walking of the dogs:


(Don’t worry, Kipper is wearing a harnass here, so isn’t being choked.)

What I’m not showing you is the crash that almost occurred five minutes later when Kipper went to one side of a mailbox and Pepper to the other. In the end, Pepper let go of the leash and Kipper bounded into the backyard of a neighbor whose dogs were out. Thankfully, the dogs were friendly. Kipper’s budding sled dog career ended abruptly after that.

From the dining room table, listening to Pepper giving Ginger advice on fact vs.¬†opinion (“Fact: Potatoes have eyes. Opinion: Potatoes can see.”),

Mrs. Smythe