Rediscovering Table Tennis

While shopping for a Father’s Day gift earlier this month, Pepper spotted a table-top ping pong set in the men’s department at Marshall’s. You’ve probably seen something similar – the sort of thing that comes with a clip-on net, two paddles, and a handful of ping pong balls. It was only $12.99. “Could we give it a try?” Pepper wanted to know. And, since I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for ping pong, I said, “Sure!” Besides, it seemed like a good way to combat summer vacation computer obsession. So, we bought the kit, and, that’s when the mania began.

We have been obsessed with ping pong ever since.

All of us enjoy the game. CPT America remembers playing for hours on end in high school, I like any sport that involves a racquet, Pepper picked up her skills a couple of years back at summer camp, and Ginger – who is totally new to the sport – is improving daily. At any given time, you’ll find us clearing everything off the table, raising the chandelier, setting up the net, and starting a game. We can almost always find an excuse to play.

Someone else who wants to play, but probably shouldn’t, is our cat, Shadow.


It never fails. The ping pong balls start flying…and Shadow appears.


Not content to simply watch, she sprawls across the table, wraps herself in the net, and takes swipes at the ball.

It hinders the game, of course, but we’re usually laughing so hard, it doesn’t matter.


She keeps things from getting too intense. After all, it’s impossible to get overly competitive when you’re having to play over a fluffy gray cat.

From the dining room table, glad we have an indoor activity at the ready since it’s 58 degrees and rainy today,

Mrs. Smythe