The Seed Bombs…Bombed


You may remember me writing about how I cast six “seed bombs” into one of my front flower beds last month. If not, you can read all about it HERE.

Since then, we’ve had several rainy stretches, lots of sun, and plenty of time for the little pods to develop into the butterfly-attracting blossoms their packaging promised.

But, that hasn’t been the case. I spotted them in the flower bed yesterday while weeding, and this is how they look now:


A few seedlings may have started, but they are tiny, and nowhere near the “week three” blooms shown on the box the bombs came in.

Meanwhile, the seeds that fell naturally from last year’s cosmos, zinnias, and sunflowers are well on their way – and all without any care or coaxing from me.


In fact, I spent about thirty minutes yesterday digging enthusiastic cosmos out of awkward places in the lawn and replanting them in the flower beds.

So, for me, the seed bombs didn’t really work. But I still love the idea of them.

From the dining room table, wanting to introduce you to the toad we found in the backyard last night,


Mrs. Smythe

4 Comments on “The Seed Bombs…Bombed

  1. So sorry about the seed bombs. It is fascinating to me that plants and seeds thrive best when they get their own way and choose their own little spot.

    • It’s like the less work you put into it, the better they do.