This Week

Things worth noting this week:

1. CPT America stopped in at the local library.


Okay – so maybe not the CPT America you were expecting, but CPT America none-the-less.The library was kicking off its summer reading program and there were hero cut-outs everywhere. Of course, this one was my favorite.

2. The smoke bush near Main Street is in bloom.


Really, it’s more of a tree than a bush. I’d never seen one of these until I moved to Massachusetts. Now, I’m a huge fan.

The “blossoms” are so wispy and feathery.


I really want one of my own, but I’m not sure where I’d put it. So, for now, I visit this one (and hope the homeowners don’t think I’m weird for taking pictures of it).


3. Ursa discovered bedding that Ginger had left on the couch.


Not one to miss an opportunity, she got straight to napping.

Hours later, she was still at it.


Which reminds me – I’d better go make sure all of that bedding got washed.

4. Mr. Wa attacked my bouquet.


If you have a cat, don’t add sprigs of catmint to your cut flower arrangement. I did, and then wondered why the bouquet seemed more and more disheveled each time I looked at it. Finally, I caught Mr. Wa at work, and the mystery was solved. I knew cats liked catnip, but it didn’t occur to me that they’d be similarly affected by catmint. The name should have tipped me off.

And, finally…

5. The tiger lilies have begun to bloom.


This is always a happy occasion, made even more happy by the fact that, this year, these are attracting hummingbirds. Hoping to encourage further visitations, CPT America and I bought a hummingbird feeder at the garden store today – no small task as there were about forty kinds to choose from. We even bought a little hummingbird “perch”, which looks like a tiny trapeze and is supposed to be hung near the feeder. Theoretically, the hummingbirds will hang out there, guarding their new found food source. Will it work? Who knows. If just looked fun.

From the dining room table, wondering if CPT America would like a smoke bush for Father’s Day,

Mrs. Smythe

6 Comments on “This Week

  1. Please keep us posted on the popularity of the hummingbird trapeze. I’ve never seen one before.

    • Will do! We haven’t had any takers yet, but I have high hopes. 🙂

  2. Ooh, I’ve never seen a smoke bush up close. It looks like fireworks!

    • That is the perfect way to describe them!

  3. Looks like Ursa got her summer cut.

    • She did! CPT America took care of that for her.