The Bird Seed Garden

Last week, I finally got around to planting my window box. I found some impatiens on sale at the garden store, popped them into my container and thought I was good to go.

Imagine my surprise when, several days later, I noticed the window box looking nothing like what I remembered.


The impatiens were looking straggly, and what was all that additional green stuff?

Where had that come from?


Turns out the birds had been dumping quite a bit of birdseed out of the bird feeders. A good portion of it had landed in the window box, and, apparently, it doesn’t take very long for bird seed to germinate. If bird seed had been what I had been trying to grow, I would have been thrilled.

But, no. I’d been attempting to grow impatiens. And, the impatiens I’d planted were clearly distressed. What in the world had been happening to them?


Squirrelly. Squirrelly had been happening to them. (Yes, we now call the squirrel “Squirrelly”.)

For about a week now, Squirrelly has been hanging out in the window box, using it as a launching pad or a resting place, depending on where the bird seed is.

The little rat.


The above photo pretty much sums up what squirrelly thinks of my window box.

From the dining room table, getting ready to watch The Scarlet Pimpernel – the 1930’s version,

Mrs. Smythe

2 Comments on “The Bird Seed Garden

  1. Ha! I am sympathetic. My cats sit in my planters.

    • Ha! I can just imagine that. I think the only way around it would be to plant cacti in that window box – and even then, the squirrel might win.