The New Babies

Eight weeks ago, we brought home two goldfish for our backyard pond; one orange and one black. Over the course of the summer those two fish grew. They grew a lot. Then, last week, CPT America noticed that their number had increased. Suddenly there was an entire school of fish darting about – all varying shades of orange and black.


Being concerned about the ability of the pond to support so much life, CPT America was, of course, dismayed. What was he to do with these new additions? It reminded him of the summer he brought home four minnows for mosquito control and wound up with about four hundred.

Ginger and Pepper, though, were excited. More fish! And free ones at that.

They immediately dismissed CPT America’s suggestion that they capture the fish and return them to the pet store. No, the girls wanted to keep the fish. And, when CPT America reminded them that there wasn’t enough space in the pond for all of the fish, the girls began hatching plans for housing the new additions. Pepper’s latest idea is to establish indoor aquariums – a plan to which I am very much opposed, “No more pets!” being my battle cry.

I did, however, allow Pepper to capture one of the fish for observation.


It currently resides upstairs, on her dresser, in a mini habitat all its own.


It was darn hard to photograph! It’s a suspicious little bugger.


I keep reminding Pepper that this is the fish’s temporary home. A summer cottage, if you will. Next week, it goes right back into the pond.

And then?

Well, then, I’m in complete agreement with CPT America. Off to the pet store they go.

Unless somebody out there reading this would like a fish? Or six? or eight? Just let me know.

From the dining room table, thinking there’s a lot more going on in that pond than meets the eye,

Mrs. Smythe

2 Comments on “The New Babies

  1. That is so cool! My stock-tank dwelling gold fish had babies once long ago. When we had to drain the tank to clean it we collected two five gallon buckets worth. And made twenty dollars at the pet store;)

    • You give me hope! And, by the way, I just finished reading about goldfish in stock tanks. (I’d never heard of it before) Fascinating stuff!