Late-Blooming Larkspur

I’ve always been a fan of larkspur. First, it’s my birth month flower, so I’m naturally inclined toward it. And second, it’s just pretty, with flowers that lovely shade of purple-blue you don’t often see in the garden.

But, up until last week, I’d had very little success with larkspur.

I know you can grow them from seed, but I’ve only ever bought larkspur plants, and the first plant I bought was already well into its bloom period when I brought it home. It was lovely for about a week, and that was it. The flower faded, and for the rest of the season, it was just green leaves. It did not survive the winter.

I tried again this year, this time, buying my larkspur earlier. Then, I planted it and waited patiently for the blooms to come.

Nothing happened.

Actually, that’s not true. The cosmos happened.


They took over the front bed where the larkspur was planted, casting the larkspur into deep shade.

The larkspur did not bloom.

I was very disappointed.

Then – in a fit of tidying, when CPT America and I were out staking the cosmos because they had become unruly and were collapsing all over the lawn, I remembered the larkspur and decided to move it to a sunnier location.

I’m glad I didn’t seek advice on this first, because everything I later read said that you should never move a larkspur. Larkspurs do not like to be moved. Choose your larkspur location wisely, the experts warn. Once a larkspur is in, it’s in.

But, this larkspur was clearly unhappy. So, I moved it.

And, would you believe it? The thing finally bloomed!


Here we are, inching toward fall, July already forgotten, and the larkspur is putting on its prettiest face.


Honestly, I think it was so happy just to be out of cosmos-land, that it couldn’t help but flower. Or, maybe no one told it it didn’t like to be transplanted. Whatever the reason, I’m enjoying this late-bloomer immensely and am hoping it will survive the coming cold.

Next year’s goal – a larkspur that blooms and grows tall.

From the dining room table, pleased to report our temperatures have been much cooler of late,

Mrs. Smythe

4 Comments on “Late-Blooming Larkspur

  1. I love it too: it comes in so many lovely shades and I have always wanted a big patch so I could have a vase filled with just larkspur. Sadly that will not happen in this house, so I have to hope the next one has a nice sunny spot in the garden just for that.
    Your cosmos is gorgeous though!

    • A large patch of larkspur sounds lovely! My front yard (where the larkspur is) used to be very shaded when we first moved to our present home. Since then, we’ve lost two trees, and though I miss both of them (especially the weeping cherry), the upside is that I’m now able to grow things that need full sun.