Pumpkin-Espresso Tiramisu

Lots of stovetop stirring this week as I made custards for both the Cherry-Spice Cake Trifle and the Pumpkin-Espresso Tiramisu called for in Southern Living‘s Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Feast.

And I do mean lots. About forty minutes’ worth altogether. My advice? Have a book handy. It’ll help to pass the time.

Once the custards are made, the hard part is pretty much over.

No – that’s not true.

In the case of the tiramisu, the hard part comes when you try and stand the ladyfingers up on end along the perimeter of the pan. I couldn’t manage it until I put a layer of ladyfingers down along the bottom of the pan to help prop up the ones I was trying to stand up along the edges.


Once that’s done, you have to figure out how to completely cover the bottom of the pan with ladyfingers. Since this part of the dessert is covered with custard, I decided it didn’t need to be perfect. Can you tell?

1-IMG_6876I know. Not very pretty. But a layer of custard made things looks so much better and helped the ladyfingers along the edges stay put. Hooray for custard!


After that, it’s just a matter of layering. Ladyfingers, then custard. Ladyfingers, then custard.


Note: I couldn’t find a 10″ springform pan (as was specified in the recipe), and ended up using a 9″ one instead. That may have made lining up the ladyfingers more difficult that it would normally to be.

Also on today’s agenda – the turkey!

We opted to go with a turkey breast this year, as there will only be four of us at the table. CPT America commented on how strange it seemed to be cooking a turkey…and then not eating it right away.

“We’re really just going to put this in the fridge?” He wanted to know.

Yes, we really were. And did. It’s sitting there now, all carved up on a platter, waiting to be reheated tomorrow with everything else. And that, dear friends, is that.

Tonight I put together my timetable for when everything needs to be warmed up. The sweet potatoes go into the slow cooker at seven. Otherwise, I’m pretty much done. It’s a nice feeling – and one I don’t normally have the night before Thanksgiving.

From the dining room table, thankful for all of you who take the time to read my blog and share in my “adventures” – have a wonderful holiday!

Mrs. Smythe

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  1. Thanks for inviting us along to share the fun! Happy Thanksgiving.

    • Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Kristi! Hope you had a wonderful celebration.