My Grandmother’s Favorite Flower


It’s here! The first tiger lily of the season.

This one isn’t in my yard, though. It’s near a neighbor’s house. I spotted it while walking the dogs. It’s in a fairly protected area, and I think that may account for its early appearance.

My own tiger lilies are getting close to blooming, and it looks like we’ll have a large number of flowers this year. That’s a good thing. My mother tells me these were among my grandmother’s favorite flowers, and to have them in my yard always makes it feel as though there’s something of my grandmother here as well.

My grandmother

Flowers and trees are wonderful for preserving memories, don’t you think? They’re like post it notes for the brain that call out, “Remember!” whenever we see them. Tiger lilies will always make me think of my grandmother. Irises remind me of CPT A’s grandmother. And a tree planted in honor of a special occasion? That’s the most wonderful of all.

On a side note, I discovered, while uploading today’s flower photo, that the colors of a tiger lily are the very ones used in my “Ex-Boyfriends” scarf.


What fun! An unplanned but happy coincidence. It makes me think I should turn to flowers more often for color combinations in my knitting. I could have a whole scarf collection based on my garden. Wouldn’t that be fun? It’s definitely an idea worth exploring.

From the dining room table, with a lawn to mow and much laundry to do,

Mrs. Smythe

6 Comments on “My Grandmother’s Favorite Flower

  1. Such a beautiful post. Mom loved the color orange which was also reflected in her home decor in the sixties. Ah, and let’s not forget avocado!

    • I must take after her. Orange is my favorite color.

  2. What a lovely story; I imagine your grandmother will pass through my mind when I see tiger lilies from now on as well.

    And I do love the way flowers can take us back, keep us close, and whisper tales . . .

  3. Thank you for this!! My mom, your grandmother, loved flowers and she
    was so good at growing them. You gave me a great memory today!!

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the post, Mooshie!