The “Ex Boyfriends” Scarf – Finished!

I’ve had a recent string of crafting failures. Not one, or two – but, at least five! In a row!!

That can be demoralizing. You go along thinking you’re a competent crafter, and then, suddenly, you can’t make anything work. It’s enough to make you want to throw away your needles.

Case in point – the the Ex Boyfriends scarf. I started this after Ginger gave me a collection of beautiful hand-dyed yarns for Mother’s Day.


They were part of the “Firelight’s Ruddy Glow” Cheshire Cat yarn pack from Wonderland Yarns. When I received these, I got right to work. and, despite the yarn being a very thin weight, I was able to finish the knitting portion in just over a week.

And then I tried to bind off.

At first, I used the method suggested in the pattern, but that came out looking too sloppy, so I tried another method and didn’t like the way that looked either. Meanwhile, the yarn along the scarf’s edge was getting scraggly from all the unraveling and re-knitting. And then, I started dropping stitches. It was a mess. In the end, I had to break the yarn, unravel several thousand stitches, and then somehow get them back on the needle. By the time I finished, I was thoroughly disgusted with the entire project. I sent it to the basement and told myself I really didn’t want the scarf anyway.

After that, I didn’t knit for about three weeks.

Then, two nights ago, while I was waiting for the girls to finish one of their activities, I encountered two knitters. They were jolly, fun ladies who I knew only in passing. They invited me to sit down with them, and, within five minutes, I was spilling my whole, sad scarf story. They sympathized, encouraged me to get “back on the horse”, and shared tales of their own failed craft projects.

It was wonderful. And helpful.

So, last night, I dragged the scarf back up from the basement and finished up those final stitches. Then I bound off the scarf using my usual method. This time, there was no trauma. No excitement. Just a really neat scarf that I can use to bring a jolt of color to some of my paler outfits.


Now – don’t look too close at the above photo – I was in a rush because I always feel awkward taking selfies in the front yard, and the scarf was actually on wrong-side-out. So embarrassing.

Look at this photo instead. This time, the proper side is facing out.


It’s a wonderfully soft scarf, and light enough for summer wear. I imagine it would be just the thing to pack when you’re dining out and you’re concerned the restaurant will be chilly. (I don’t know why, but I’m almost always chilly in restaurants).

I liked this pattern so much, in fact (now that I’ve figured out a good bind off method), that I’m already at work on another version – this time in shades of green.

From the dining room table, so glad I met those other knitters when I did,

Mrs. Smythe

8 Comments on “The “Ex Boyfriends” Scarf – Finished!

    • Thank you! I don’t wear these often, but now I’m thinking I should incorporate them more. They’re so cheerful.

  1. I got a kick out of the link explaining the “ex boyfriend” part–and the colors *are* fun!

    • I thought that was great too. A lot of these pattern designers have great stories for the inspiration behind their designs.

    • Thanks, Moosh! Ginger took a photo of my “Color Me Beautiful” color chart with her when she went to the yarn store. I thought that was so sweet of her. She was very insistent that she find colors that were my colors. 🙂