Hair Inspired by a Chicken…and More

First news out of the gate:

Pepper has dyed her hair!

Actually, Pepper didn’t do anything but sit in a chair while her stylist worked the magic, but Pepper was certainly the one to select the color. She wanted a silvery/white, and she got it. I told her it looked like she’d tried to duplicate the feathers of her Lavender Orpington chicken, Everest.

Pretty close match, eh?

All teasing aside, I’ve been amazed at how much I like this color on Pepper.

In other news, Ginger’s succulent nursery has really taken off.

Inspired by the Needles + Leaves blog, Ginger took a rather leggy succulent she’d been nurturing, plucked off the leaves, and laid them on a bed of soil. She told me the leaves would sprout offspring. I was skeptical, but it turns out Ginger was right. Here’s one of the many emerging plants:

Aren’t they cute? Even the original stem is showing signs of new growth.

I’m not sure what Ginger intends to do with all of these new plants. Gift them? Sell them? Breed more? Who knows. Whatever she decides, it’s been a lot of fun to watch the process.

Something else that’s fun to watch – chickens dust bathing.

I wish I had a photo that could convey to you how ridiculous these birds look when they’re doing this. They roll on the ground, shudder, shake, and twitch, all in an effort to keep themselves clean and parasite free. It looks like they’re having seizures. It’s even more ridiculous looking when they do it in groups, as is often the case with ours. Several times, I’ve thought the birds were injured, or sick or, worse, fighting – only to realize they’re simply cleaning themselves.

Our lack of snow has made it possible for these dust baths to continue through the winter, which is good for the chickens but a bit concerning to me otherwise. While I enjoy the warmer temperatures, the fact that the pansies in the front yard are trying to bloom concerns me.

Even the lilacs look like they want to put out new growth.


And, finally, I continue to work on my artwork-inspired Fireside Throw.

As it gets larger, it gets more challenging to decide where to place the hexagons. Usually the table isn’t clear enough to spread it out like this and judge which spot might work best. Instead, I rotate the mass of it in my lap and just guess. So far, though, that seems to be working.

Meanwhile, I continue to be grateful for the calendar art that guides my color choices. I would have run out of hexagon combinations long ago if I didn’t have a stack of paintings to inspire me. Here’s what I’ve chosen for my next hexagon:

From the dining room table, hoping this post finds you warm and well,

Mrs. Smythe

12 Comments on “Hair Inspired by a Chicken…and More

  1. Great hair!
    And it does seem a bit disconcerting that pansies are already poking their heads up . . . lovely, but disconcerting.

  2. I like the hair! I can’t show this post to my own daughter because she will want it, and I’m just not ready…
    The succulent farm is neat: I always wondered if there was hope for leggy succulents.
    I’m working on a blanket right now too, but I like your art inspired idea better. Will have to put that one in my book.

    • I was really resistant to my daughter dying her hair for a long time, so I totally understand you not being ready, Jenn! 🙂 And, I’m excited to see your finished blanket!

    • Thank you, Tea Lady! I had two JoAnns gift cards given to me for Christmas, and I’ve used both to buy more colors for this project. In the beginning I told myself I was going to limit myself to the yarn I had on hand – but that hasn’t lasted. Oh, well. 😉

  3. Love the hair. I guess you don’t have to be old to enjoy white/gray hair.

    • I guess not! When Pepper told me gray/white hair was a trend among the younger set I was surprised. Funny how what some women hate and try and get rid of, others are paying money to have.

  4. Love all that you are doing! I really like Pepper’s hair and kudos to
    Ginger for growing the neat plants. The chickens are beautiful as is your project!

    • Thanks, Moosh! 🙂 The project has been such a nice thing to have for winter evenings. Crafting and winter just seem to go hand in hand, don’t they?