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More snow this week…

About 2 inches is all, but it came down all day, and the snow dogs – Kipper and Ursa – were thrilled. Kipper, in fact, didn’t want to come in out of the storm.

When we finally got him inside, his coat was covered in snow and he had to be toweled off.

The geraniums don’t seem to mind that it’s winter, either.

I brought them inside at the end of the summer, not expecting much, but they’re enjoying the southern exposure in the living room, and – though a bit leggy – are really doing well. I appreciate the extra bit of color they give us this time of year.

Another spot of color – the yellow of this Old Sturbridge Village yarn my sister gave me.

I was hand-dyed using Osage Orange by people at Old Sturbridge Village. And, according to the label, they used “period receipts” to do so. So cool.

However, I’m having a heck of a time knitting this yarn up into a pair of socks. I’m on my third attempt. Twice, I’ve had to unravel an entire day’s efforts after realizing the needles and/or pattern I’d chosen wasn’t going to work. Hopefully, my third attempt will be successful, and I’ll have a nice pair of golden socks to show you soon.

One project that did work this week was this little piece of crocheted bread.

Crocheted bread?

Yes, crocheted bread. Ginger had been asking for some “play food” to use with her stuffed animals. This seemed like a fun way to fill her request and use up leftover yarn. The pattern came from a book called Ice Box Crochet. Stay tuned for more fun food in the coming weeks.

Pepper’s rock tumbler continues to spin in the basement.

Phase two is now complete, and she had to actually take some of the rocks out early because they were in danger of grinding down into oblivion. Only one more round to go, and they should all be complete.

And, finally, a bit of bad news…we’re down to four chickens. A hawk came through on Friday and took out Eowyn, our Dorking. We were all very sad – Eowyn was a definite favorite. CPT America took immediate action and put together an enclosed run that will offer them greater protection.

And, while this has curtailed their space somewhat (they now have 60 square feet), it sure beats sudden death from above.

One last thing about that hawk. The very next day, he was out in the chicken yard, on the ground, just outside the coop, staring through the bars at the chickens! He acted like he was at some sort of chicken zoo! The chickens were very vocal in their displeasure and were relieved when he finally flew into a neighbor’s tree. I was glad, too, though I had to admire his cheek.

Dang food chain.

From the dining room table, wishing that the food chain wasn’t so brutal and that all animals were vegetarians,

Mrs. Smythe

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  • Ann Marie says:

    Just last week we had an “incident”. I happened upon it before something irreversible happened, thankfully. Some nails had loosened, given temperature changes and weathering, and a hawk found itself a way into the enclosure. You should have heard us hollering at that hawk. We’ve been in your shoes before. It is a rough time. February/March are the worst months…the hawks are desperate. Miss you!

    • mrssmythe says:

      I had no idea there was a “season” for hawks. That makes sense though. So glad you got to your coop before any of the chickens were lost! And I can just imagine all of you hollering, added to the noise of the chickens…must have been some scene! Miss you too!!

  • jane says:

    Oh no! I’ve shooed hawks away from them before, poor chicken?

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