Animal Blessings and Angel Food Cake

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No, we haven’t decided to let the chickens come into the house – this is just Pepper, trying to lure them in with some scratch…which she should not be doing, but which I found funny enough to photograph. In the end, the chickens held to their good manners and did not come inside. Pepper gave them the scratch anyway.

In other news, our church had its annual Blessing of the Animals service last week. We had a fine afternoon for the event. Here’s Ginger, getting ready to get in line. Can you tell which pet she brought?

It was Opal, her rabbit – one of the few non-dogs in attendance.

And there is our pastor, giving the blessing.

He was really great and gave a lot of time and attention to each animal he saw that day.

Opal made the rounds afterward, meeting the other pet owners and allowing herself to be stroked and exclaimed over (she has a very soft coat). She got her start as a farm animal in a Girl Scout camp, so she’s pretty good around new people.

The only other pet we took was Ursa, and there’s no photo of her being blessed because when it was her turn, she slipped her collar and ran off rather than meet the pastor. Next year, we’ll leave Ursa at home. (So embarrassing!)

In the yard, we have all sorts of color right now. It’s such a beautiful time of year. Our most recent bloomers include the honeysuckle bush…

the lily of the valley…

the creeping phlox around the pond…

and these “weeds”.

They’re all over our lawn right now, and too pretty to mow, so right now the lawn looks more like a meadow than grass. I’ve seen them labelled lots of things, most recently “bugle”, an herb known to be good for healing wounds. Who knew?

The quest to knit/crochet my way through my excess yarn continues. Recent finished projects include these socks, knit from yarn my sister bought me when we visited Old Sturbridge Village together last October…

and this hat, knit from a WWII-era watch cap pattern and made with leftovers from a long-ago sweater vest project. (If you’re interested, you can get the pattern for the hat HERE).

And, finally, with all the extra daylight, the chickens have gone into overdrive in the egg department. In an attempt to keep up with the overflow, Ginger and I made an angel food cake from scratch, going through a dozen eggs in the process. Not a bad solution, eh?

If you’ve never made an angel food cake from scratch, you should give it a try. They aren’t nearly as difficult as you’d think. Just a lot of flour-sifting and gentle folding of the ingredients. The egg whites do all of the real work. (The recipe we used can be found HERE.)

From the dining room table, pretty sure that all of that cake is gone by now (it went quick!),

Mrs. Smythe

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  • Amy says:

    Oh, Ursa. Ha!
    PS-Love the socks . . . and the flowers . . . and made-from-scratch angel food cake.

  • Jenn M says:

    I always wanted to take Libby to that service, but her manners around others dogs are less than desirable. Sometimes you just don’t want to be embarrassed!
    Love your flowers; I feel ours are getting lost in all the rain we are having. I suspect when it’s all over summer will have already arrived.
    Way to go with your stash busting!

    • mrssmythe says:

      We definitely left the other dogs home. I suspect they would have been even worse. I always marvel at the dogs that are so well-trained or easy going that they can go anywhere without creating a stir. I’ve been inspired by your stash-busting projects! Still at work on that granny afghan – going through the acrylics in remarkable time. Hope you get some clear skies soon!

  • mooshie says:

    Would love to take Shiraz to a blessing, but she would hate it! Your flowers are gorgeous and I am wishing ours were further along. Our trees are just starting to blossom. Super pictures of the girls!

    • mrssmythe says:

      We thought about taking the cats and then dismissed the idea, knowing they’d dislike the whole adventure. The other dogs would have been overwhelmed. The rabbit was a safe bet. Maybe next year we’ll take the fish. 😉

  • Tealady says:

    What a delightful post! Loved the blessing of the animals. I just bought 4 bugle plants. Your post made me glad I did.

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