Lots of Flowers, Lots of Bubbles

This week, CPT A set up a bird feeder in the back yard for any birds that might prefer a more secluded setting than our driveway dogwood affords.

(Actually, he put it up because he found it in the garage and thought it looked cute).

Anyway. It’s been very popular with all of the wildlife – turkeys and squirrels included.

The feed does go fast from this new feeder, though. (I blame the squirrels).  I’m not sure we’ll keep maintaining it. It gets expensive. But, it has been fun to watch the visiting wildlife.

We’ll keep up the front feeder for sure, though that one remains popular with the squirrels as well – and with Manny, who watches the squirrels secretly from behind the fern.

Actually, not so secretly. Manny lets them get close and then woofs loudly at them, startling the squirrels and sending them flying. They return, and, after a while, realize Manny can’t get to them for all his barking.

The plants are changing almost daily here – both inside and out. Below, you see a cactus that was part of another cactus I bought last summer.

Ginger knocked off one of the original plant’s “arms” one day while hopping from rock to rock in the rock garden. We potted the broken bit (after a bit of drying time), and it miraculously sprouted roots and lived, which is a good thing, because the original plant didn’t survive the winter.

Anyway – this week, Ginger noticed the cactus arm was growing a “thing”.

What is this “thing”? We’re not sure.

Another arm? A flower?

Whatever it is, it reminds me of a sea anemone.

Meanwhile, work on the giant granny square blanket continues.

Interesting how the colors echo the colors I’m seeing in the yard.

The bleeding hearts…

The flowering quince…

The lilac…

and the flowering almond…

Also the colors in a May Day bouquet a neighbor surprised us with yesterday.

Even the colors of the bubbles Ginger has been making in the backyard with her new “Bubble Thing“.

We’ve had so much fun making these amazing, gorgeous bubbles. Honestly, I could watch them all day. Ginger is practicing to surprise the kids at a church event we have coming up in a couple of weeks. I think she’s going to be a big hit, don’t you?

From the dining room table, with an eager Ginger already clamoring to make more bubbles (rather than work on her math),

Mrs. Smythe


6 Comments on “Lots of Flowers, Lots of Bubbles

  1. Your flower pictures are so gorgeous. Weather not great here but lots of flowering. Tulip fields still pretty. Rain today feeds all our little starts. Enjoy your garden.

    • Thank you! I remember seeing those tulip fields – they’re amazing! So much color. Hope your weather improves!

  2. Oh I’m so jealous of all your flowers! Spring seems like it’s taking forever to get here. What a fun bubble toy: I might have to make one to amuse myself while I’m waiting to garden…

    • Everything warmed up here super fast. We’ve had really nice weather since Easter. I hope you get some warmer days soon!

  3. Howdy, from Louisiana! Just wanted to say hi and that I enjoy your blogs especially when you include Manny! Y’all take care!