This Week in the Garden

A wild and wet week here in Western Massachusetts.

The weather is not doing much to further my gardening plans. I have mulch that I’d like to spread. I have weeds that I’d like to pluck. I have a lawn that I’d like to mow…and all we’ve been seeing is rain.

No, that’s no entirely true. We’ve had patches of fair weather, but the humidity has been such that the lawn hasn’t dried and the thought of working out in the sun has been unpalatable.

Today, I might try to jump out between rain showers. I’d really like to get that mulch off the driveway and onto the soil.

In the meantime, here are some photos of what’s currently in bloom. I’m especially pleased with the snapdragons, which somehow survived our last winter and are enormous in their second year of growth. I think they were sheltered enough under the fallen leaves I neglected to rake to escape freezing.

Which is, perhaps, a nudge to me that getting overly concerned about garden chores is silly. Some things seem to do best with a bit of neglect.

Maybe I won’t worry so much about that mulch after all.

From the dining room table, with a vase of fresh cut flowers from the garden at my elbow,

Mrs. Smythe


2 Comments on “This Week in the Garden

    • I like to think of them as being happy. I hope they are! The yard is a good place. 🙂