A Snake in the Garden and a Cat on the Couch

Ugh. Can you see the snake in the photo above? Right there under the pot. That’s his little head poking out. He’s not very large, but he was large enough to startle me ย this past week when I was picking cherry tomatoes.

I think he lives in that stump. When I saw him, I screamed, jumped, and dropped a tomato on him. My reaction wasn’t enough to scare him out of residence, though, and now I look carefully whenever I’m harvesting tomatoes or weeding in that section of the garden. He’s one of several snakes we’ve seen this year in the yard. My neighbor says they are good and eat slugs…something I try to remember.

Other, sightings in the garden this week…

Monarch caterpillars!

We’ve seen two of these and hope they feel at home in the yard. It would be lovely to see even more.

The Black-Eyed Susans are really taking off now. The ones you see in this photo were all self-seeded from last year’s plants. Quite a crop!

Another “volunteer” – this sunflower, which popped up right where last year’s sunflower stood.

I’ve had no luck planting sunflowers on purpose, but the serendipitous ones seem to do really well.

The tomatoes are beginning to ripen.

I’ve had a handful of these cherry tomatoes as a fun snack each day this week. (And, no, I didn’t eat the one that fell on the snake – even though CPT A said it was silly not to).

The Hydrangeas are doing well. We have white ones in the back…

And purple-y pink ones in the front. The blooms below are on the same plant – I think the soil must be somewhat mixed, as I’ve been told that the soil’s acidity is what determines the color of the blossoms.

Also in bloom…the Hostas

…the Phlox,

…and the Beardtongue. (Isn’t that a crazy name for a flower?)

And, finally, for those of you who appreciate photos of the cats…I found Shadow curled up with Ginger on the couch the other morning.

Both of our cats seem to be getting more affectionate as they age, which is nice because it’s much more fun feeding an animal that actually seems to like you rather than one that holds you in disdain.

From the dining room table, getting ready to head out to the porch with a book (it’s that kind of an evening),

Mrs. Smythe




4 Comments on “A Snake in the Garden and a Cat on the Couch

  1. love all your flower pictures. So cheery.

  2. I have seen two snakes this summer and have (for the first time in my life) welcomed them as they love eating slugs I’m told. Ours are in the stone wall, maybe they are visiting.

    • I imagine they would love your stone wall – like a snake apartment building. ๐Ÿ™‚