Pond Doings, a Rabbit, and Cosmos

Last week was a great week for the pond. We had warm, sunny days and plenty of free afternoons for swimming.

A huge “field” of water lilies sits just outside the main swimming area at the pond. Pepper and I swam over one afternoon to investigate and found that many of the lilies’ stems curl beneath the water like old-fashioned telephone cords.

The water is pretty deep at this point, so the stems go on and on. It’s really amazing to see. The lilies must be incredibly determined to climb through so much water just to reach the surface.

Since then, our weather has cooled substantially. We had showers over the weekend, making for some lovely sky scenery on Saturday.

The garden has appreciated the extra water, and the cosmos are now as tall as I am. The finches love them.

The cooler temps have also meant more time outside for Opal the rabbit.

Most of the time, when Opal is outside, she is in her hutch, but CPT A had the brilliant idea of adding dog fencing to her area. Opal loved it, and Ginger seemed to like it as well. (That’s Ginger in the pen with Opal. Ginger has a habit of reading aloud to her pets. I think she was reading The Giver when I took this photo).

And now, it’s raining again and much cooler. I’ve even seen a bit of leaf change already in a couple of maple trees. Fall seems to be sneaking up on us early this year. Even so, I’m sure we’ll have at least a few more bursts of warm weather and a few more good swims left to us. For now, it’s pleasant tea-on-the-porch-with-a-book weather…and that’s nice too.

From the dining room table, getting ready to start the water for said tea,

Mrs. Smythe





4 Comments on “Pond Doings, a Rabbit, and Cosmos

  1. It’s neat to see the water lilies growing like that. I guess I always assumed they just blossomed from a bud attached to sonething already at the surface.
    I wonder how much longer we will be able to mention telephone cords without being given confused looks? My kids are still in awe that I grew up with one telephone in the house, and it was attached to the kitchen wall.

    • I know what you mean. When we went to the antiques show, a lot of the vendors were selling old rotary phones. I had to show Pepper how they worked – she had no idea. It’s amazing to think something from my childhood (and early adult years!) is already so outdated!