Wildlife in the Yard…and the Tail End of Summer

The yard has been brimming with wildlife these past two weeks! One visitor I’m still not thrilled with – the snake. This is the same snake I’ve mentioned in earlier posts. But he’s larger now. CPT America insists he’s only big enough to be eating insects, but, if that is the case, insects must be terribly nourishing. He’s twice as long as when last I saw him. And when he slithers along his stump, he just keeps going and going…

The snake hangs out around my tomato plants, so going out to pick tomatoes has become something of an ordeal for me. More often than not, I send CPT A. The photo below shows you the snake in relation to the tomato pot.

Yes, I realize he’s really not that large. But still…he’s a snake.

A visitor I’ve been more pleased to see…this woodpecker. Isn’t he dapper?

And, we’ve had other birds too…

the turkeys are back – now with about five babies in tow.

There’s is a new resident under the barn. A groundhog!

He’s a bold, trundling thing that we see almost daily now. The dogs are very interested, but so far, the groundhog has been wise enough to stay out of sight when they are around.

And, finally, a visitor Pepper found in the chicken coop this past week:

Thankfully, the chickens did not see him. (They probably would have attacked him). Pepper rescued him as soon as she saw him, and, with a little coaxing…

she and Ginger were able to move him to a safer part of the yard.

In other news, Fall is definitely on its way. Here’s a leaf I found on one of the dog walks this past week:

And, today was the final day for swimming at our local pond.

Ginger’s big accomplishment this summer…learning to dive! She worked for about two weeks solid, moving from the top rung of the ladder to the final, spectacular running dive you see here. She was so pleased!

Now, we’ll just need to find another spot to swim for the next couple of weeks. Despite the changing leaves, it’s still pretty steamy here. Thankfully, the state parks permit swimming through Labor Day.

From the dining room table, looking forward to tomorrow’s eclipse!

Mrs. Smythe

P.S. Many thanks to CPT A who provided several of the more professional looking photos you see in this post.



6 Comments on “Wildlife in the Yard…and the Tail End of Summer

  1. Seriously!? Ladies these snakes are more frightened of you than — well, equally frightened of you at any rate. They also eat mice. It is not their intention to be seen by you which is why thet move away when you come near. We loved them as kids in Chicago when the properties were not so close and yards were more wild with lots of hiding places. If you, well, someone picks them up they never attempt to bite nor do they get active about fighting you off.
    Also, if you let the woodchuck stay til next spring you can set up a camera for it on Feb 2nd to see if he sees his shadow

    • Aunt Barb, you are very brave and sensible to boot. 🙂 However, I will trust what you say about the safety of picking the snake up rather than test your theory firsthand. 😉 And, yes, CPT A says we shall be better able to predict the weather from this point on if Mr. Groundhog decides to stay in residence.

  2. We have a couple of resident garter snakes and it’s amazing how big they can get. We have found a couple of the skins they have shed. They only scare me when I don’t know they are there and then start wiggling away.

    • That’s one of the biggest drawbacks with snakes, I think – you seldom know they’re there until you’re right up on them. Then they move and you jump three feet in the air. At least that’s what I do. 😉

  3. It’s like a mini zoo back there! I’m with you about snakes: I can’t even look at your photos of it. Maybe the turkeys will run him off…

    • I know (about the photos). On one level, I thought – that’s great that CPT A was able to get such a detailed and close photo of the snake. On another level, I thought – That’s too close. I don’t want to look at that.