A Day at Southwick’s Zoo

This past Monday, as a sort of end-of-summer hurrah, we drove to Southwick’s Zoo in Mendon, Massachusetts. We hadn’t been to a zoo in years and probably wouldn’t have thought of going except Ginger mentioned one morning that she couldn’t remember ever visiting a zoo. (Which is not to say she’s never been to one. She’s been to quite a few, but she was so young when she did visit those zoos that she couldn’t recall a single exotic animal).

Of course, I found this unacceptable. So, when the cooler weather forced us to cancel plans to visit a water park, we decided to shoot for a zoo instead. Now, I’m happy to say Ginger has plenty of zoo memories, and we also have some really great animal photos, thanks to Ginger (that top bird photo is hers) and CPT A.

Here are some of my favorites:

Southwick’s really had a lot of different monkeys – so fun to watch!

Loved seeing this porcupine hanging out in the tree…

And, if you can believe it, CPT A used to have one of these lizards as a pet! The kids were amazed. I told them not to get any ideas.

These monkeys always make me think of Beethoven.

And, we were able to get closer to tigers this visit than we’ve ever gotten before…at any zoo.

I’d never seen a white tiger before…so beautiful.

Southwick’s Zoo also offers live animal shows. We went to “Bird Brains” which focused on the techniques zoo personnel use to train their animals. It was a great presentation.

And, finally – a shot of the kids…who seem unwilling to make anything resembling a “normal” face for photos these days.

Oh, well.

From the dining room table, with Ginger getting ready to slide a pumpkin chocolate chip Bundt cake into the oven (Mercy!),

Mrs. Smythe