Arctic Temperatures and an Accordion

Did you have a white Christmas like we did? Wasn’t it nice?

Or, maybe it wasn’t so nice for you. Maybe you had to drive somewhere and the roads were treacherous. That’s never fun. But, if, like us, you were spending Christmas at the at the next door neighbor’s house and had only to walk across the driveway to get there, then the snow wasn’t a nuisance, it was ambiance.

The cold, however, hasn’t been quite so pleasant, and CPT A has taken the brunt of it over the past few days, being the one who lets the chickens out first thing in the morning. Today, it was well below zero when he got to the barn.

Later in the mornings, Pepper takes over, checking on the chickens to make sure their water isn’t frozen and that they’re doing alright.

So far, they’ve been doing just fine. CPT A plugged a heating bulb in for them this morning, so, while they aren’t exactly toasty, at least they’re warmer than they would be outside. Honestly, I think we get more concerned about the cold than they do.

In other bird news, I spotted this print in the snow the other morning. I think it came from either a hawk or an owl landing on something.

Sort of a grim version of a snow angel.

Kipper tries to do his own hunting in my Hugelkultur bed.

I think there must be rodents bedded down under the wood and he senses them. He really isn’t supposed to be in that area at all – technically, it’s the garden – but the snow has blurred the boundaries in the yard, and he gets away with it.

Despite the cold, I’ve been trying to spend as much time as I can outside. We do get a lot of sun and blue skies in the winter. That’s always nice. And, I’ve found that if I have the proper gear on, I can stay pretty warm despite the chill.

Kipper definitely has the proper gear. He could stay out indefinitely, I think.

He’s always the last one to come in.

And, finally, looping back to the subject of Christmas, I wanted to share this photo of Ginger who was thrilled to receive a push button accordion this year.

We’ve been really pleased with this particular model (The Mugig Accordion Solo and Ensemble Instrument), and Ginger is already at work building a repertoire of Christmas carols and folk songs. There’s a tradition of accordion playing in the family on CPT A’s side, and it’s fun to see it coming out now in the younger generation.

Looking into the coming week, we have a birthday (Pepper’s) and New Year’s to celebrate. Also, some (hopefully) warmer temperatures to look forward to. I’m hoping to squeeze in some knitting in between the celebrations, and that tree you see in the photo above – it’s getting a bit dry. Probably time to take it down. (Sigh). It will be a busy and full week, but a good one, I’m sure.

From the dining room table, hoping you’re staying warm and looking forward to the coming week as well,

Mrs. Smythe



4 Comments on “Arctic Temperatures and an Accordion

  1. Lovely! I like the accordion as well – can’t wait to hear her first recording! ?

    • Right now she’s working on “A Hunting We Will Go” and “Happy Birthday” – so she can serenade Pepper next week.