Continued Cold and Snow

Snow and frigid temperatures continue – except for one strange day when we reached 60 degrees and all of the snow melted in a matter of hours. Lawns flooded, then froze again into shallow ice rinks the next day. Strange.

Ursa has been enjoying this winter very much.

When we go for walks, she veers off the path and plunges into the snow.

Then, she rolls around on her back. It’s almost like a bird dust bathing. This time of year, we have to work hard to get her back inside after we let her out.

Someone else who enjoys snow…Ginger!

Ginger was thrilled to find piles and piles of the stuff at a nearby park. Crews had cleared the parking area and, in so doing, had created great snowy mounds perfect for scaling. Ginger would have stayed all day if I’d let her, but the wind was biting, and I lured her back home with the promise of hot cocoa.

I also wanted to get the rest of the Christmas decorations taken down that day. Shadow wasn’t much help:

In other pet news, the chickens have been very good sports about the recent weather. At one point, our back yard hit -26 (F) overnight. We did what we could to keep them warm, and they came through very well. None of them seem to have suffered any ill effects. I think we even escaped the dreaded frost bite that can occur on their combs when the weather gets truly awful.

One funny moment, though – Pepper forgot to open the door to their run one day and the chickens weren’t able to get to their coop at sundown. They took it in stride and holed up in the barn, with Mabel – our Easter Egger – scaling a ladder to find a nice lofty spot to roost.

When Pepper discovered them, she helped Mabel down…

and sent them off to their beds.

Now, more than ever, I’m grateful CPT A made the barn alterations he did this fall. I can’t imagine what the chickens would have done without its shelter.

Meanwhile, I’ve been sheltering in the house, spending what time I can working on that sweater vest I showed you a while back. I hope to finish it in the next day or two. This past week, I cut the steeks for the neckline and armholes. It seemed a bit unnatural, taking scissors to something I’d put so much work into…

But, everything turned out all right. Here you see the neckline, mid-process. Nothing came unraveled, which is always the concern.

Now, here we are – already halfway through January. Winter is settling in with more snow on the way. Ginger and Ursa will be thrilled. CPT America – maybe not so much. He does the plowing, after all. But – as long as I have needles, yarn, and a good book, I think I’ll be fine.

From the dining room table, getting ready to pick up said needles as soon as I finish here,

Mrs. Smythe




4 Comments on “Continued Cold and Snow

  1. I’m picturing needles, yarn, a good book, and a nice fire. I can’t say that needles and yarn are my thing, but who doesn’t like reading by the fireplace?