Flu Doings and a Fun New App

Activity ground to a halt here as first Ginger, then I, then, finally, Pepper, came down with the flu. CPT America had the forethought to get a flu shot and escaped….which was a good thing because we definitely needed a well person here to dispense medicine and buy popsicles. The three of us spent a solid two weeks lying on sofas, watching movies, reading, and knitting. It would have been very nice except for the fact that we all felt wretched. And, though CPT A may not have had the flu, he ended up exhausted, himself, from playing nurse.

But – we are all doing so much better now, and I finally feel up to showing you a few amusing photos from the past couple of weeks.

The first come from a new App I discovered while sick – the Google Arts & Culture App. Have you seen this yet? You take a photo of yourself, and then the App finds a selection of “matches” from portraits in its art database. It’s very amusing, and I confess I spent an entire morning going through photo albums, taking photos of my relatives in order to find their fine art counterparts as well. Some matches were very close – as in this match for my paternal grandfather:

And this painting looks eerily like Ginger, don’t you think?

That said, I’m not sure how I feel about being paired with this young man…

…especially since I think he has a mustache.

I dug out some more historic pics of myself. Here I am in 7th grade: 

This may not seem much of a match at first, but I think our noses and mouths are very similar.

Some of the pairings, though, were ridiculous.

If you’re interested, the App is free and very easy to use.

I didn’t do a lot of knitting while sick.

Actually, that’s not true. I did a lot of knitting the first couple of days. Then, I got thoroughly sick of knitting, cast it aside, and didn’t look at my current project until just last night when I finally felt like picking up my needles again.

Since I didn’t do much knitting, I turned to something I rarely do…puzzles. Pepper had a periodic table of the elements puzzle she’d received for her birthday. She kindly let me work it. Shadow helped.

Not really. Shadow was actually very much in the way throughout the project.

And, she continued to be in the way after I’d finished the periodic table puzzle and had moved on to one depicting a Smithsonian gift shop scene.

I enjoyed working on those puzzles so much, I’ve now started a third – one I found at the East Longmeadow Public Library which has a nice selection of puzzles available for check-out. They’re very popular. When I was there, one had just been returned and another was in the hands of the man standing in line in front of me. I guess I’m just now figuring out what a lot of people already know – a puzzle is a great way to help fill a long, cold winter evening.

So that has been our life of late. Not terribly exciting, but it’s a relief to be feeling better. If you’re currently battling the flu, yourself, you have my full sympathy. I hope you feel better soon!

From the dining room table, getting ready to make a cup of tea and work a bit on that puzzle I mentioned earlier,

Mrs. Smythe


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