Purple Flowers and More Wallpaper

Wallpaper removal continues. I found another pattern this past week – this is the fourth I’ve seen.

As I work, I’m definitely getting faster. But, I’ve also sliced my hands twice with a putty knife. Surprising how sharp those things can be.

Outside, things are just glorious. And so green! All at once, we have leaves and flowers and loveliness…like this gorgeous shrub I pass each day as I walk the dogs.

It always makes me think of a brides and late spring weddings.

In the yard, things are mostly purple.

(This lilac smells amazing!)

And then there are the weeds in the lawn that I still haven’t been able to cut because they’re so pretty and serve as such a haven for the bees.

I’ve tried several times to positively identify this weed. I thought it was Ground Ivy or Creeping Charlie for a while, but the more I look at it, the more I think it’s something else. Any thoughts?

From the dining room table, with lawn mowing in today’s agenda,

Mrs. Smythe




6 Comments on “Purple Flowers and More Wallpaper

  1. I just bought a plant resembling your weed! Gorgeous yard!

    • Thanks, Tea Lady! I’ve seen that “weed” for sale as a “ground cover” – I wonder if ours is a ground cover that jumped its boundary at some point.

  2. Love your columbine. And I don’t know what your weeds are, but I say keep them while they are so pretty. It’s like ponds of color in your yard.