We’ve been having beautiful weather here this past week. Today, I went for a walk along Main Street in nearby Hampden, a little town that was first settled in 1741 (though called by another name at the time). Here’s the town’s Historical Society building, still done up in the bunting that went up, I assume, for Memorial Day.

And here’s the lovely Scantic River that borders many of the Main Street homes’ backyards.

In years past, it’s been known to flood, but today, it was pleasant and benign.

Elsewhere in our area this week – Highland cattle babies!

CPT A drives past this herd frequently, and this week they were close enough to the fence for him to take photos. Aren’t they beautiful?

I don’t normally say that about cows, but there’s something about these cows that I really like. The idea of having livestock (apart from the chickens) never enters my mind, but whenever I see these cows, I start to get ideas.

We’re seeing more and more flowers in the garden as the weather warms. In the rock garden, the Perennial Geranium is blooming…

…along with the chives.

And, in the side yard, the Rhododendron has peaked.

It’s at just the right height now that it catches my eye from inside the house and several times this week I’ve thought I’ve seen a person in a pink shirt prowling about outside…only to realize, on second glance, that it’s just this shrub.

Nearby, the Mountain Laurel is beginning to open.

These blossoms fascinate me. I think the buds look a bit like piped frosting.

Entwined with the Mountain Laurel is a wild rose that is particularly thorny, but smells so nice and looks so pretty, I’m willing to look past the scratches.

And, finally, here is a shrub/tree that I see frequently on my dog walks. I believe it’s a Beauty Bush, and it’s so tall, I had to stand on tiptoe to snap the photo below:

And those flowers? They smell just gorgeous.

So that brings you up to date for this week. Now, we have rain in the forecast, and as much as I’ve loved the sun and warmth, the garden will appreciate a good long drink. From the dining room table, getting ready to sit down with a book and some tea,

Mrs. Smythe




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  1. The Mountain Laurel is absolutely beautiful!