Heat Wave, Sewing, and Plant Rescues

Is it hot where you’re at? It’s boiling here. Currently, we’re looking at a week’s worth of temperatures in the high 90s. Humidity will put the “real feel” well into the 100 degree range. We’re cooking.

What’s strange, is that last Wednesday it was positively chilly. I know because that’s the day we bought our pond pass for the season, and Ginger, being an avid swimmer, insisted on tootling out to the docks. You can just make out her head in the water of the photo below.

I felt so sorry for the lifeguard who had to accompany her. That water was cold!

Happily, for Ginger, things turned around by Friday. We drove to a waterslide park about an hour west of us and it was plenty hot that day.

Here, too, the water was cold, but at least the warmer temperatures made it feel refreshing rather than miserable.

Not everyone likes the heat, though. Warmer temperatures have taken a toll on the perennials for sale at the garden centers and supermarkets. Here you see a group of plants (Aurinia and Saxifrage) I “rescued” earlier in the week.

As spring bloomers, they were considered past their prime and, anyway, the supermarket had to make room for a shipment of impatiens potted in planters that looked like mannequin feet in flip flops. The plants you see in the photo were all marked down to $1. I grabbed as many as I could fit in the car and even scaled back my grocery list to make room for more plants. Priorities.

Later in the week, I found herbs discounted at the store where we buy pet food. I grabbed two kinds of oregano that I thought would work well in a dry, rocky spot I have in the front yard.

Someone else that doesn’t like the heat – Ursa!

Here you see clippings from the third round of shaving CPT A did on her over the weekend. She was getting terribly matted and seemed to be pretty uncomfortable as the temperatures climbed.

Now she’s sporting a buzz cut, and, aside from looking like she has a head much too large for her body, is much improved. With all of that extra fur gone, she’s perked up considerably.

I’m hoping she isn’t feeling energetic enough to resume the digging she was doing under the backyard shed, though. She found a woodchuck’s den and seems intent on visiting the occupant.

And, finally, I started a new project this past week. I’m trying to sew a dress.

I have very limited experience sewing, so I’m having to look up a lot of things on line and in books as I go. Each step seems to take forever. But, happily, I managed to finish the bodice yesterday.

It’s a very simple kimono style dress I found in a magazine. You can see a photo of what it will (hopefully) look like when I’m finished HERE. I’d love to have it done by Sunday to wear to church but…we’ll see. Right now I’m working at a snail’s pace.

From the dining room table, needing to walk the dogs early today before it gets too hot,

Mrs. Smythe




2 Comments on “Heat Wave, Sewing, and Plant Rescues

  1. You got a steal on the plants! Great start on the dress!

    • I know – $1 for perennials is unheard of! And, thank you for your kind words about the dress. 🙂