Relaxing in the Back Garden

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At this point in the growing season, I’ve fallen behind. Things need to be weeded, staked, and dead-headed. I need more mulch. The lawn clamors for attention and the containers on the porch need to be watered. I don’t think I ever end a day with my to-do list completely finished. It can be frustrating.

But the back yard is one place I can relax to some degree. Part of that stems from the fact that no one really sees the backyard, and I don’t feel as much of an urgency to keep it tidy. But also, I have planted things there that are much more easy to care for, and, now that they are coming into their own, they are doubly nice because they look pretty with so little work.

These lilies, for example –

I didn’t even plant these. I have no idea how they got there – smack dab at the base of an enormous Pine – but, there they are, and they’re lovely.

This Milkweed was also a “volunteer”. I almost yanked it earlier in the season, not realizing what it was.

Now, it’s a beacon that draws monarch butterflies to the pumpkin patch.

And speaking of the pumpkin patch…

The Cinderella pumpkins are growing exponentially. They’re already a buttery yellow – much different than the Sugar pumpkins, which remain green until the end of the growing season.

As you can see, I’m starting to see plenty of those, too.

Nearby, the raspberries are beginning to ripen.

These are like a gift. Aside from beating them back (they attempt an annual take-over), I don’t have to do anything, and even with this neglect, they seem to do well and put out plenty of fruit.

Another “volunteer” – this Evening Primrose, as descendant of one given to me years back by my neighbor to the south.

I’d move it to a more visible location, but it popped upĀ through the planks on the back deck, so I can’t get to its roots. Oh, well. It seems to be happy enough for now.

One of the few flowers I’ve actually planted in the back is this yellow herb – a gift from my neighbor to the north.

It’s called Tansy, is pleasingly tall, and is unlike any flower I’ve ever seen – no petals, just little button centers. It makes a nice addition to the wild, pollinator-friendly area surrounding our back deck. Plus, it is said to repel insects, and, being somewhat invasive, should be able to hold its own with the prolific Mint and Wild Thyme growing nearby.

All of these plants are a joy to me at this time of the year when everything else is clamoring for attention. What a relief to have some plants low on maintenance yet high on returns.

From the dining room table, hoping you are blessed with similar, easy-to-care-for plants in your own garden,

Mrs. Smythe




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