The Humane Gardener

Here’s an interesting book:

And the author’s website – The Humane Gardener – is equally interesting. Warning – you may find yourself rethinking the kinds of flowers, shrubs, and trees you’ve been planting in your yard. Also, be prepared to have some of your ideas about the animals and insect “pests” you’ve been battling challenged.

For instance, I’m now taking a different attitude toward this Fall Webworm – a little caterpillar that makes unsightly web “tents” in trees and shrubs. These creatures also serve as food for many birds and parasitic insects and, with their end-of-season nibbling, rarely do any lasting damage to trees.

I suppose the Webworm can stay.

Another thing that can stay…Jewelweed.

I’ve been pulling this out along our fence line all summer…then I read that migrating hummingbirds love it. I won’t be pulling out any more Jewelweed.

Something I did pull out:

these tomato seedlings. I had so many this year, they were taking over. So, I pulled out the ones I didn’t want and threw them onto this hugelkultur bed as mulch. Wouldn’t you know it, they took root! They’re a bit behind the other tomato plants, but if they get a move on, we might just get an extra harvest of tomatoes.

They’ll have to work fast, though. Fall is closing in. We’ve already seen quite a bit of leaf change, and it’s only August.

Another sure sign of Fall – the chrysanthemums displays at the grocery stores.

So far, I’ve resisted, but I should pick up a couple for the porch steps before we get too far into September.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to soak up what remains of summer. On Monday, we drove to Hammonasset Beach State Park in Connecticut. It was wonderful. The water was just right, the beach wasn’t too crowded, and I was even able to get in a bit of knitting (I’m working on a sweater). Time well spent.

And, on one final note, the Moonflower I planted finally bloomed!

I’ve been waiting to see one of these flowers all summer. I’d just about given up, but tonight – there it was. They only bloom at night. Isn’t that interesting?

From the dining room table, hoping for many more unexpected Moonflowers in the evenings to come,

Mrs. Smythe

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  1. Another plus for jewelweed is its reputed property of healing skin rashes, specifically as an antidote to poison ivy. A benefit for humankind rather than wildlife.