Hike to Whale Rock

We’re trying to do more hiking as a family this Fall. There are so many places to hike near us, and it’s always a treat to get out of doors and into the woods for a while. This past Saturday, we drove about fifteen minutes east to get to the Thayer Brook Conservation Area.

As hikes go, the trail there is a relatively easy one: short (less than 2 miles), very little elevation gain, and an easy-to-follow path.

The highlight was Whale Rock – a massive boulder that has a rope affixed to facilitate climbing. Ginger was the first one up.

Then CPT A ascended.

CPT A is pretty good at this sort of thing. He’s had training.

I gave it a go, too. Actually, I gave it a couple of goes, and on the second run, made it almost to the top…and then I scooted right back down because I realized if I got up on top of that rock, I might not be able to figure out how to get back down again, and that would have been a problem. So, I contented myself with cheering Ginger and CPT A from a spot on the ground…and then had very sore arms the next day. Humiliating, but true.

Here’s a view of Whale Rock from the front.

It really does look like a whale’s face!

And here’s a shot from the back where there are plenty of pretty ferns growing out of cracks in the stone.

Many of the smaller rocks along the trail had moss on them.

In fact, there were ferns and moss everywhere.

It gave the whole walk a “back in time” feel. I almost expected to see a dinosaur.

And there were a few flowers, as well. Lovely little woodland flowers.

So, if you’re in the local area and are looking for a walk that is enjoyable and not too strenuous, this might be just the “hike” for you.

From the dining room table – getting ready to do some light weight lifting now to beef up those arms of mine,

Mrs. Smythe

2 Comments on “Hike to Whale Rock

  1. So you walked almost right through our back yard! If next time we get a knock on the back door then we’ll know it’s you.

    • I wondered how close we were to your place! What a nice trail to have so close by. Next time, we’ll drop in for a cup of tea. 😉