A Lively Weekend

We’ve had a very busy past few days!

The girls danced in our church’s Medieval/Epiphany festival while CPT A and I both helped behind the scenes. I worked as an usher. CPT A did everything from greeting guests and performing first aid to animal wrangling. One of his many tasks was to help get the three camels in the performance through the church’s front doors.

These are the same camels who perform at Radio City Music Hall in New York City over the holiday season. It felt a bit like meeting a celebrity!

The entire weekend was fun, exciting…and exhausting. I’m very glad it’s over. Monday, I tackled laundry, dishes, and walked the dogs for the first time in days….all the things that had gone undone while we were off “playing theater.” Performance life is colorful and lively for sure, but I’m a homebody at heart, and it was definitely nice to get back to a more normal routine.

My idea of thrilling is seeing wild turkey tracks in the snow – something I saw with the dogs on one of our walks this past week.

It always surprises me how big they are.

And, while we’re on the topic of turkeys, our turkey has figured out how to get on the barn roof. Can you see her up there near that dead pine bough?

It’s really not that big of a feat for her. She has only to hop on the neighbor’s fence, turn around, and leap another three feet to the roof. I’m told that wild turkeys roost in trees, so this probably feels perfectly normal to her. It’s a little surprising to see, though.

In knitting news, I started a nice, easy project to fill down time during dress rehearsals and odd moments of the festival – something I could knit even in the dark if need be. (And, no, I didn’t knit while I was an usher, though I was tempted!)

It’s a scarf pattern that uses two separate shades of a single yarn – you switch from one to the other every two rows. It’s very easy and you get a wonderful stripe effect. I’m using Lion Brand Amazing yarn, but you could use any yarn, really. If you’re intrigued, you can find the pattern HERE.

And, finally – here’s a shot CPT A got with a phone camera on the last night of the festival. Things had finally quieted down, almost everyone else had left, and he brought us outside to point out how the light came through a particular tree in front of the church – something he had noticed while directing traffic earlier in the evening.

The photo doesn’t do it justice, of course. But, it was very magical at the time – a sort of whorling pattern of tree branches with light at the end; one of those quiet, eerily beautiful things that are so easy to miss if you don’t just happen to see them.

From the dining room table, hoping you, too, will see something quiet, and eerily beautiful in the coming week,

Mrs. Smythe


6 Comments on “A Lively Weekend

    • I’m so glad you were part of our weekend – it was wonderful to see you again! Let’s figure out a way to get together again soon! 🙂

  1. Turkey was on my deck this morning, wonder if she would like to come in?

    • Boy, she’s getting bold! She probably would try and go into your house if you invited her. Yikes!