Sledding with Chickens…and some other stuff

Ginger took one of the chickens sledding this past week…

It was Cassie. I’m not sure she liked it much – but at least now she can say she’s tried it. None of the other chickens have gone sledding. Maybe she will boast about it in the coop at night.

Ginger, on the other hand, has been sledding almost every day. She was thrilled to get so much snow and had me drive her over to Fountain Park on Tuesday (when it was 23 degrees!) so she could sled down a real slope – not just the one we have in the backyard.

Here she is just before we drove to the park.

It was so cold, the snow had a solid crust, and Ginger was able to stand in places without making a dent.

Other spots – ones that couldn’t bear our weight – looked like this:

It felt a bit like walking on glass.

The next day, the temperatures rose into the fifties, and we had lashings of rain.

The roads were a mess, and the ground – too cold to absorb the extra water – was flooded.

Weatherwise, it was a wild week.

Inside the house, things were much more calm. On Monday, CPT A (home for the holiday) dug out a mix we had for making pretzels and got to work.

The results were delicious and reminded me of the pretzels we used to eat in Germany. They didn’t last long! If you’re interested, CPT A used the Kathi German Pretzel Mix.

He used the radiators as a place to stash the dough while it was rising. Pretty smart, right?

Another baking adventure this week….Bagels!

CPT A got this idea while we were grocery shopping. I had been complaining about the bagel options I found at the store. He thought it might be fun to try and make them himself.

He used our wok to boil the bagels (the step right before baking).

The end result was delicious! I was really surprised how good they were.

I’ll have to see if I can talk him into making them again. If you’re interested, you can find the recipe he used HERE.

Finally, I finished the hat and scarf set I’d been working on. Here I am, wearing them today while holding our chicken, Henley.

Doesn’t she look thrilled to be in the picture? This was the first time I’d ever held her. She’s definitely getting friendlier. She even ate out of CPT A’s hand this past week. I think she’s my favorite of the chickens…but don’t tell any of the others that.

If you’re interested, the scarf is the Noro Striped Scarf, a simple 1×1 rib pattern I knit with two colors of Lion Brand Amazing yarn (sadly, now discontinued).

The hat is a modification of Knit-O-Matic’s Simple Ribbed Hat. I used a heavier weight yarn, and so cast on a smaller amount of stitches, but the results are similar.

Both projects were very simple and relaxing to knit.

From the dining room table, hoping your week is filled with activities every bit as simple and relaxing. Stay warm!

Mrs. Smythe



4 Comments on “Sledding with Chickens…and some other stuff

  1. What a gorgeous hat and scarf! Got to go….scurring off to try that bagel recipe!

  2. Did you use brown sugar in the bagels? The reviews are great, I think I’ll try them.

    • We had intended to use brown sugar, but I had used the last of it on Saturday, so CPT A dipped into his beer making supplies and used dry beer malt extract instead. Also, we didn’t have bread flour on hand either, so just used regular unbleached. I think you’d be fine using brown sugar since our recipe worked using a substitute for the substitute…