Ballroom Dance and an Escaped Turkey…Plus Crochet

Sorry for the delay in posts – it’s been a busy couple of weeks!

Last week’s craziness was a ballroom dance competition in Connecticut…Pepper’s first.

Here you see her fresh from hair and makeup the morning of the competition.

She went in looking barely awake and very low key and left with false eyelashes, bright pink lipstick, and gravity-defying hair. It was very entertaining to see.

Also entertaining was watching the train of normal, everyday looking women troop in, spend thirty minutes with the hair/makeup ladies, then leave looking glamorous and sparkly. The transformations were amazing. Everyone was very heavily made up, but once on the dance floor, they all looked about thirty and very glamorous. I can see why people get caught up in the ballroom world.

Pepper had a lot of fun and did pretty well. She would certainly like to compete again.

Less glamorous, but certainly fun was a trip to the American Museum of Natural History for CPT A and the girls.

This was in honor of Pepper’s 17th birthday. We’d planned the trip for January, but had to put it on hold when the government shut down occurred. Pepper was a good sport about the whole delay. I’m glad they had such a good time.

It’s been an exciting few weeks on the pet front as well. While we were at Pepper’s ballroom competition, the wind blew our barn door open and the turkey escaped. As soon as we realized what had happened, we searched the neighborhood and called animal control. Meanwhile, we wondered if she’d joined one of the wild turkey flocks in the woods behind our house. Two days later, animal control called saying someone about a mile away from us had reported seeing a gray turkey on their back patio – sure enough, it was ours. CPT A and the girls drove over and brought her home.

There was a bit of scuffling as the flock got readjusted, but everyone is back to normal now, and hopefully the turkey will remain in the yard from here on out …although as I write this I remember that she was next door peering through our neighbor’s basement window today, so maybe that’s not a very realistic hope.

Meanwhile, our chicken, Cassie, has decided the compost pile is a wonderful place to nest. She’s even laid eggs there.

Such a ridiculous bird!

On the crafting front, Ginger recently learned to crochet and has been busy making all sorts of little creatures for her collection.

(Mr. Wa finds the whole process very interesting.)

GInger’s first project was an Amineko (the little pink cat on the left).

Then, she altered the Amineko pattern to create a duck based on a drawing she’d done.

Another Amineko followed the duck – this one out of sock yarn and about half the size of the first one.

I think these are so cute and love that she’s now so interested in crochet. I’ve derived so much enjoyment over the years with my own knitting and crochet, and it’s nice to think Ginger will have similar memories and experiences with her own handcrafts.

From the upstairs bedroom, ready to turn in for the evening and grateful that our lives have returned to a more normal, less-exciting pace,

Mrs. Smythe


7 Comments on “Ballroom Dance and an Escaped Turkey…Plus Crochet

  1. Congrats to all on success in the various interests. The duck Amineko is great and so creative for a new crochet effort. Looking forward to news and pictures of NEWSIES soon (?)

  2. Wow, I’m really impressed with the quick way Ginger picked up on crocheting. Those amineko’s aren’t easy (at least not for me) and to adapt the pattern to make the duck. I’m impressed. Glad things have settled for a while though at your house anything can happen. Look forward to more of the ballroom stuff. It’s really interesting, and congrats Pepper.

    • I was impressed too – I didn’t think she’d pick it up so quickly or be so passionate once she did. She just finished another Amineko last night, and I honestly think the ones she crochets look better than mine! I’ll pass on your congratulations to Pepper – she was at the studio last night again, working on her dancing. She’s definitely hooked!

  3. Sounds like your family had a very exciting week. Love Ginger’s crochet!

  4. Piper is beautiful! Turkey has discovered the bird feeders and loves the feed on the ground, I love listening to her and Sweetie now ignores her after yesterday’s chase. Please don’t think you have to come get her all the time, I love listening to her and her friend. You have such creative kids, love the little crocheted critters!

    • They definitely seem interested in your yard – we catch them staring through and over the fence frequently. Glad you enjoy their calls, too. The guinea hen’s “Buckwheat!” cry is so noisy – I can imagine it might get on some people’s nerves. I’ll pass your kind words on to both girls. Thank you! 🙂