More Backyard Birds, More Crochet, and a Bit of Spring


Here I am, yesterday, sitting in the sun in the backyard – the first time I was out and about in just about two weeks.

Otherwise, I’ve been bedridden, overcoming a bout with the flu that slid into a case of pneumonia.

It’s definitely good to be feeling better.

And here, you see the cats – my constant companions while I was bed-bound. Cats can be very good for morale…especially when you’re sick.

Whilst I was on the mend, the family stayed plenty busy…especially CPT A, who took time off from work to keep things going smoothly around the house.

The biggest happening, was the addition of several birds to our backyard flock.

Here you see the old birds (outside the barn) peering in at the new birds (inside the barn) on their first day home. CPT A and Pepper adopted the birds from an assortment at an animal rescue organization near Boston. I believe the ones we brought home ended up at the shelter because they were presumed too old to lay eggs. This has since proven false…at least for one of the birds – a pleasant surprise!

Here are the new birds – as photographed by CPT A.



And Sedgewick.

Yes, I realize these are all female birds and two have been given male names, but the girls like to name the chickens after characters in The Great Escape. (Though “Clementina is not from The Great Escape – she’s from an episode of Jeeves and Wooster – it’s complicated). Anyway, I wish the girls would not name the birds after Great Escape characters. I think it gives the birds ideas. Roger is already a prodigious digger and Sedgewick manages to pop over the fence regularly to visit the neighbor’s bird feeder.

Here are another couple of photos – this time of the turkey and the guinea hen.

They’re a very amusing pair and two of our best egg-layers at present. In fact, we’ve got more eggs than we know what to do with these days. The turkey lays an egg a day, and we’ve collected three from the guinea hen just this week.

Here you see their eggs in relation to a chicken’s egg (center). The guinea hen egg is at left, the turkey egg at right.

Another shot of the guinea hen egg:

All are excellent for eating, with the turkey and guinea hen eggs being considered the most healthful because those birds are “foragers”.

And what have we been doing with all of these eggs?

CPT A has been cooking and baking with them. Here’s his skillet lasagna, which he made using a turkey egg. (Probably the best lasagna I’ve ever eaten!)

CPT A is enamored with skillets right now and has been using the two we own to make all sorts of things.

Things like pizzas…

and pies…

He and the girls even baked a pineapple upside down cake in the skillet. It’ll be fun to see what they come up with next.

Meanwhile, Ginger has been busily producing more crocheted creations. To her collection of cats, she’s added a dinosaur – something she put together without a pattern, a feat that always amazes me since I’m so pattern dependent, myself.


And, finally, a weather report…

Spring must be here since my giant allium have finally emerged. Also, the lilac and the apple trees are budding, but those are about the only signs of spring in our yard. We’re still far behind many of you, as I only saw one tree blooming on the way to church this morning while photos my sister shared from Idaho showed her prom-going daughter standing beneath a blooming cherry tree. One of the rough things about living in New England is that regardless of what the calendar says, Spring comes late.

BUT – it will get here eventually. And, hopefully, something in the yard will be blooming by the next time I post.

From the dining room table, with the windows wide open and a bit of rain pattering down,

Mrs. Smythe




4 Comments on “More Backyard Birds, More Crochet, and a Bit of Spring

  1. Glad you are feeling better. Congrats to Ginger for the dinosaur. I’m impressed. Also with the all the skillet creations. Makes me wish we had one, they’re so versatile. Way to go, Capt A

    And Happy Easter to all

    • Thank you, Grandma Marian. The skillets are really neat to cook with – very heavy though! That lasagna weighed a ton!! I’d like to have more cast iron cookware. I’m impressed with how it performs and holds up.

  2. So good to hear you are feeling better. Also, thank you for introducing us to your new feathered family members. Ginger continues to inspire us all with her creative crochet as does Cpt A with his superb cuisine!

    • Thank you, Tea Lady – I am, indeed feeling better. I’ll pass along your kind words to CPT A and Ginger. 🙂