A Shift in the Color Scheme and a Shaved Cat

Quick! Does anyone know what sort of tree this is? I was walking in Holyoke last week and came to a full stop when I caught a whiff of its flowers. They smelled divine and the bees loved them!

Meanwhile, in my own yard, the color palette is shifting from the purples and pinks of spring to the oranges..


and whites of mid-summer.

(Yes, that’s a daddy long legs on that flower. I don’t mind spiders a bit, but I apologize if you’re squeamish.)

The “Ms. Mars” sunflowers a neighbor gave me are blooming. 


Aren’t those unusual? I really like them, but wish I’d planted them in a more visible spot. Right now, they’re competing with a tangle of black-eyed susans. Next time, I’ll put them closer to the front of the bed.

And, I was able to harvest my first pea pod this past week. It went to Ginger, who loves them. She pronounced it very good, and hopes that more will be forthcoming.

Near the peas, we found these lovely things…

which aren’t really lovely at all. They’re squash bug eggs. I got rid of them in short order once I realized what they were, but all the while felt a bit sad because they were so shiny and pretty. The garden is a strange and wonderful place.

How was your Fourth of July?

Ours was pretty low-key. We skipped the parades and went to see the new Spiderman film instead. Then, we came home and had a campfire in the backyard complete with S’mores.

It was warm and muggy, so we didn’t stay out too long, but the firefly viewing was excellent.

In other news, CPT A and Pepper have been making the rounds on the college-visit circuit.

Last week was MIT – a school that impressed them both enormously.

CPT A said he wants to sign up for classes.

Meanwhile, Ginger and I continue to craft despite the heat. I haven’t done much on my vest lately as I’m to a tricky bit and need a nice afternoon’s worth of uninterrupted time to get some finishing work done on it. In the meantime, I’ve dug out an afghan project to crochet on and have also started a doily with some scrap yarn. Both projects are nice breaks from the more rigorous vest. Don’t worry, I’ll get back to it soon.

Ginger continues to crank out her assortment of entertaining creatures. Here’s one of her latest…a cat to serve as mascot for the writing group she attends:

Isn’t it cute? If you’re interested, you can find the pattern HERE.

And, one last cat photo – this time of a live cat.

Here is Mr. Wa getting his hair cut. He’d gotten terribly matted and clumpy in the heat, so CPT A broke out the clippers, and, surprisingly, Mr. Wa cooperated.

We stopped short of his belly and left his head and tale as is, but the rest of him is clipped to the skin. He seems much more comfortable now, and feels as soft as a peach when you pet him. I think this may become an annual thing for him.

From the dining room table, hoping you’re staying cool in the summer heat just like Mr. Wa (though hopefully without having to shave yourself so drastically),

Mrs. Smythe


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  1. A linden tree, also known as basswood.