Dogs and Chickens…and a few other things

The days must be getting longer because more of our birds are laying now, including the turkey! Suddenly, we find ourselves with a surplus of eggs again.

In other poultry news, we attended the Northeastern Poultry Congress in January. This is one of our favorite events – the number and variety of birds is amazing. Here you see Pepper enjoying the ducks.

And, this gives you an idea of the number of chickens we saw. This was only a small corner of the expo building. Row after row of cages with glossy birds of all shapes and sizes. It was a lot of fun to see.

Just weeks later, in the same place, the Great Barrington Kennel Club held its dog show. I’ve never seen so many golden retrievers in one place – they seemed to be the most represented of the breeds. Also – the dog owners were so serious! It was fascinating to walk around and watch all of the grooming taking place. So many incredibly clean dogs!

I went home afterward and brushed our own dogs for a good thirty minutes. I’ve decided I haven’t been doing a very good job with their grooming. I ended up with a massive basket of fluff – and I still could have gotten more if I’d kept at it. Since then, I’ve tried to do a little bit of grooming each afternoon. I don’t think our dogs will ever be to show standards, but it has been an improvement.

Crafting continues with scarves being my project of choice lately. Here you see a cowl I finished last week. The yarn is the “flamingo” colorway of Lionbrand’s Stitchbird line.

Another recent completion – this “Seed and Garter Stitch Scarf”, made with Cupcake yarn in “apple picking”. This was a wonderfully easy knit and the scarf isn’t overly bulky, which I like.

In other news, January brought very high winds, and we lost a significant portion of one of our large backyard pine trees. Ian was out in the cold this afternoon, hacking away at it with his chainsaw while I raked up debris. This is the fifth tree we’ve lost since moving to our house, so we’re getting to be old hands at clearing away fallen limbs.

Thankfully, only a small portion of the back fence was damaged.

We’ve also had ice, and though I don’t enjoy what it does to the roads, I do like what it does to the garden.

Since I last wrote, we’ve lost nearly all of our snow, but not before it revealed a network of vole trails that had been carved beneath the drifts.

It’s amazing what goes on just under our noses in the winter.

Now, as we head into February, I find myself very much looking forward to spring. Are you? It will be nice not to have to bundle up quite so much on the afternoon dog walks.

From the dining room table, getting ready to take a nice, hot bath to chase away the chill,

Mrs. Smythe

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  1. Your knitting is fantastic! You are definitely gifted!!