Summer of the rabbits

We’ve had more rabbits this summer than any other summer I can remember. They’re everywhere! When I walk the dogs, I see them eating clover in people’s yards. Not just one rabbit, but groups of two and three munching placidly. The dogs barely even notice them anymore.

We have our own population. One, a baby with a little white blaze on his forehead, is particularly tame. Pepper feeds it raspberries. We have to nudge it into hiding before we let out the dogs. He’s very cute.

But, what is not cute is the damage the rabbits have done to my garden. I naively thought I wouldn’t need a fence. Next year, that will be one of the first things I put in.

These peas were almost ripe. I’d been trying to decide when exactly to pick them. Then, poof! They were gone; the plants nibbled to nubs, the pods scattered on the ground. My kale has been similarly savaged.


I spoke with a neighbor on my dog walk last night, and she said she had suffered similar damage…and her garden is even fenced. She has a groundhog to contend with in addition to the rabbits. We agreed that it was disheartening.

But – I remain optimistic. Some things are doing very well. Some things hold no lure for the rabbits. For every pea, there are at least twenty tomatoes ripening.

And, as to the rabbits…well, at least they’re cute.

From the dining room table, hoping to get some more lettuce planted today,

Mrs. Smythe

Our Most Photogenic bird

Meet Roger – our Plymouth Rock hen. (And, yes, Roger is a girl. Ginger and Pepper are responsible for the name. They dubbed her “Roger” after a character in The Great Escape.)

Roger is a beautiful chicken and one of our rescue birds. She’s a steady egg layer and extremely good-natured. But, what sticks out most in my mind about Roger is how much she likes to have her picture taken. I find chickens, in general, hard to photograph. They’re constantly moving. They don’t like you getting too close to them. But Roger is different. Roger holds a pose. Roger likes to get close to the camera. Roger looks like she’s really enjoying the experience. And, as a result, I usually end up with better pictures of Roger than any of our other birds.

Thank you, Roger. I appreciate that.

The Ducks Go Outside

The ducks are old enough and it’s been warm enough for Ginger to take them outside for a daily swim. They love it! We don’t keep them out too long, but they really do seem to enjoy their time outdoors.

Here you can see they’re starting to stand upright like the runner ducks they are. Their names (from left to right) are named Pearl, Ponyo, and Lilo.

Have a great day! Here in Massachusetts, it’s going to be a warm one.

Mrs. Smythe

Patriotic Flowers

A peek at the red, white, and blue flowers currently in bloom in my garden.

Milkweed (More pink than red, really, but they look like fireworks, so I included them.)
Shasta Daisies

The Ducklings Have Arrived!

Such exciting news! Our ducklings have arrived! Two weeks ago, they flew all the way from California in this box.

They were born on a Monday – we got them on a Thursday – and they’ve been growing exponentially ever since.

Here they are taking their first swim.

They love the water. It was amazing how natural it was for them to swim and how good they were at it from the start.

They’ve since moved to the bathtub for their daily dips.

When not swimming, they live in a pen in our basement. There’s a heat lamp to keep them cozy, and Ginger keeps their food and water filled and their quarters clean.

The first pet that got to meet them was our cat, Shadow.

She’s intrigued and enjoys watching their swims.

We’ve also introduced the ducklings to our chickens.

The chickens weren’t terribly interested.

The ducklings, however, loved being outside.

Hopefully it will be warm enough for them to go out again today. That’ll probably be the highlight of our Fourth…that and the barbecue CPT A is planning.

I hope you all have a fun and safe Fourth of July!

From the dining room table, thinking I should probably go get dressed now before it’s time to make lunch,

Mrs. Smythe