Hair Inspired by a Chicken…and More

First news out of the gate: Pepper has dyed her hair! Actually, Pepper didn’t do anything but sit in a chair while her stylist worked the magic, but Pepper was certainly the one to select the color. She wanted a silvery/white, and she got it….

Guess Who Got a Haircut!

Ginger had finally had it with long, heavy hair in summer. She wanted a cut and she wanted it done right away. So! Off came the curls – no small task, considering Ginger has very thick hair. The pile of hair we clipped off her…


Hair was in the air today at chateau Smythe. (Actually, it’s in the air every day here – but today it seemed especially prevalent). While I was downtown looking at things like this: CPT America was home clearing out the bathtub drain. Don’t feel too sorry…

Hair Glue and Hygiene

We usually wash Ginger’s hair right after a gymnastics meet. All of that hair glue takes its toll, and as it breaks down, her hair can begin to look dusty, and even flaky, in the areas where I really have to cake it on….

Sturbridge Hair

I was back at Old Sturbridge Village recently – not for recipes, mind you. I learned my lesson about those after the gingersnap debacle. No, this time I was showing my mother-in-law around, and if you visit, we’ll probably take you there too. It’s…