Maraschino Cherries

PastedGraphic-1I made cookies over the weekend – vanilla chip cherry cookies. The recipe called for a full jar of maraschino cherries – which I love. I think maraschino cherries are the best part of an ice cream sundae. And I’m so glad that no one else in the family likes them because that means when we do go for ice creams sundaes, everyone hands their maraschino cherries over to me. It works.

Anyway, as I was de-stemming and snipping the cherries for the recipe, I got to thinking about an ice cream social we had in sixth grade. Each student signed up to bring a topping, and I signed up for – you guessed it – maraschino cherries. My mother went out and bought a full jar for me to take in and then handed it over to me the night before.

Big mistake.

I have a vivid memory of sitting on the carpet in my bedroom eating maraschino cherries right out of that jar. I must have eaten a third of them. Then, cool as anything, I closed the lid and took that jar to school the next day and turned it in alongside everyone else’s toppings.

What was I thinking? Did I honestly believe someone would think that was a brand new jar of maraschino cherries? I don’t know. I never thought much about it – which is concerning in itself. And, which I should also remember when dealing with my children. I forget from time to time how kids think (or more to the point, fail to think).

So, now, looking back on that incident, I suspect my teacher knew. She had to have known. Either that or she decided my mom was the type of mom who was okay with sending a slightly used jar of maraschino cherries to the class party. In which case I say now, publicly, to my mother, “I’m sorry, Mom.” Because my mom is definitely not that type of mom.

But back to the cookies.

Are you wondering why I made cookies with maraschino cherries for a family that doesn’t even like maraschino cherries? More for me, baby! More for me.

Actually, that’s not true.

I just forgot.


P.S. That’s Captain America’s picture of the cookies. He won’t eat them, but he’ll photograph them.

P.P.S. I think the glass in that photo looks cloudy. Does that glass look cloudy to you? Maybe it’s time for some rinse aid.