Friday Morning Tag Sales

I finally got my act together and went tag sale-ing.

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for years. We live in a great area for it. In the warmer months, there are tag sales every weekend. There isn’t a lot of driving involved. People sell some really interesting stuff….And yet I kept forgetting about it.

Then, last weekend, my neighbor (who is a regular tag sale-er) came over with three bags of cute clothes in Ginger’s size, a box full of very nice dishware, a cabinet, and a set of storage cubes she had picked up…all for free. Someone had just been giving the stuff away.

“Would you like any of this?” She asked.

Would we?!!

And that’s when it finally clicked. I needed to start tag sale-ing.

So, this morning, the girls and I went out first thing.

We each had an agenda. I was looking for old books and magazines. Also vintage dishware.

Ginger wanted a manual typewriter and a doll house.

And, Pepper was open to just about anything as long as it was “interesting”.

Today was one of those days when everyone came home happy.

I found these sweet yellow dishes on a FREE pile at an estate sale. (The dolls were not tag sale finds – they just happened to be on the shelf when I took the picture).


I also found this “gossip bench”. I’ve always wanted a gossip bench. Now, I just need an old rotary phone.


(Shadow confessed she has always wanted a gossip bench, too).

Ginger found a typewriter.


It’s a Hermes 3000 from the 1960’s. She typed on it all afternoon, not at all minding the faint print, just happy to be pressing buttons and getting that satisfying “ding” that typewriters make when you hit the right hand margin. We’ll be ordering a replacement ribbon for it soon, so it should be even more fun for her to use in a couple of weeks.

And, Pepper found a copy of Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary. No copyright date, but it looks to be from the early 1940’s. My favorite feature is the “Interpreter” section at the back, which lists helpful medical questions in five languages. Thanks to this, we can now confidently ask,

“Since when is your tongue that color?”

“Are you a drinking man?”

“When did your eyes begin to look yellow?”


“How are your stools?”

So handy.

I’m sure we’ll be tag sale-ing again next weekend.

From the dining room table, wondering what a “bran bath” is. (That was mentioned in Pepper’s new book, too),

Mrs. Smythe

6 Comments on “Friday Morning Tag Sales

  1. Ahhh, so glad you have found that joy that is tag sale-ing here in New England! I’m a HUGE fan of it myself and am happy as a clam to spend all day on a Saturday morning trotting around from neighborhood to neighborhood in search of that elusive find!

    • Yes – I think we’ll be doing more and more of this sort of thing. It’s rather addicting!

    • It really is a lovely thing, isn’t it? And when it’s an inexpensive treasure, so much the better!

  2. I’ve heard of oatmeal baths, maybe a bran bath is the same with different grain. And I loved the gossip bench. What a find. Have
    fun. Wish we had something like it here. Plain old garage sales
    don’t do much for me. Though if I could find a decent bike reasonably priced
    I’d love it. Need to look for books like you do also.

    • That would make sense. I wonder what bran offers that oatmeal doesn’t? Some sales are definitely better than others, that’s for sure, but finding a good one makes the rest of the duds seem worth it.