Cucumber Pets and Other Happenings

This was Ginger’s pet cucumber.


She found it in the garden. It should have been picked much earlier, but it wasn’t, so she adopted it and took it with her to skating lessons where she was genuinely irritated that I wouldn’t let her take it out with her onto the ice.

The next evening, we celebrated the last “Super Moon” of the year by lighting tiki torches and roasting marshmallows.


Ginger’s cucumber was in attendance – an honored guest, even – but then Ginger left him on a lawn chair, and the dogs found him the next morning and ate him.

I know. Very sad.

Never fear, though…


There are plenty more giant cucumbers in the garden for her to adopt.

From the dining room table, wishing my children would enjoy eating their vegetables as much as they do playing with them,

Mrs. Smythe

2 Comments on “Cucumber Pets and Other Happenings

  1. Holy smokes! Those cucumbers are huge! And that one in the seat belt kills me . . . 🙂

    • I know. I forgot about them. They were from a volunteer cucumber plant out front. I definitely let them get too big.