Garden Ornaments

At the garden center this past Saturday, I spotted this fine bit of statuary:


It looks so much like CPT America, I had to take a picture.

Admittedly, the nose is off. CPT A’s isn’t so wide. But, still – the resemblance is striking!

Now, something like that would look completely out of place in my garden. There’s really no place I could put it. But when you see a bit of sculpture that looks so much like your spouse, you can’t help but say, “Wouldn’t that be fun to have?”

And then you start thinking about what you would plant in it. You could plant something different each season. One year, it would be herbs, or a nice, fluffy Boston fern. Then, the next year, you’d grow something that would drape softly about its shoulders – like a pothos. There are so many possibilities.

Of course, I would never buy this. I really wouldn’t. Statuary of any kind would look out of place in my garden.

But it’s still fun to think about.

From the dining room table, thinking that chiminea wouldn’t look out of place in my garden,

Mrs. Smythe

4 Comments on “Garden Ornaments

  1. Ha! That’s awesome. And I totally think you could make it work. 🙂

    • I’ll have to watch to see if he goes on sale. Maybe then…

  2. He kind of looks like a Zulu warrior. Perhaps he would keep your garden “pest free”!